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Do We Really Know The People Teaching Our Children

by Mindy Lawson 3 months ago in guilty

Article By: Mindy L.

Do We Really Know The People Who Teaches Our Children

By: Mindy L.


So we all know that forest fires can cause more damage then what is intended. Well this main Professor thought it would be alright to go behind a major Wild Fire and set his own little fire. A Professor in Northern California decided to go and set a series of fires right beside the Dixie Fire that was blazing in Northern California. Now we all know that wild fires in California have been pretty intense this year alone. So this Professor thought it would be ok to go and set his own fires right next to one. Gary M. a Professor who taught at Sonoma State University, a Liberal University in California is accused of intentionally starting a fire on the land of home owners in the North part of California where the Dixie Fire was already blazing. His name is Gary M., a male Professor who is 47 years old and claims he has Mental Health Issues. He is now in custody with no option for bail, he was caught red handed lighting a fire on the Country side of Northern California. Gary was a Professor part-time at Sonoma State University but for some reason this year was not on the teaching board. According to the charges pressed against him Gary has been setting a series of Forest Fires for the past few weeks. Investigators put a tracking device on his car and followed him from the scene of the crime and that is how they finally caught him. According to the investigators he claims to have a series of Mental Health Issues, like split personalities, depression and anxiety. Which we all know that those mental health issues is not something that you can deal with on a normal basis without medication. He let people know at his job before this one that he had them issues and that he slept in his car. The last fire that he set was in Shasta County it was right next to the Dixie Fire and it is still only 25% put out, it burned more than 490,000 acres, it has destroyed almost 800 square miles of the State and burned down about 600 homes. Gary went right up behind the Firefighters and set his fire, which put the Firemen and Woman in more danger than what they already was in. It could have killed them and also burned down more homes and acres. Now with reading what you have so far is the type of person you want teaching in the colleges that our Children attend?? I know for me it is very scary to read about someone like Gary M. teaching in our classrooms. Now it has been said that He is not the only person that has passed through and taught in a Liberal University. Apparently many Professors with Mental Health Issues have got to teach students, and there conditions were a series of issues not just one. I mean it makes me begin to wonder what our school boards are actually doing when they hire these Teachers/Professors. I mean I thought with being a Teacher you had to have a clean background and a history of good records and I mean at least you think they would do some sort of evaluation on them. I know for me who is a Mother of 2 and who’s oldest is not too far from Graduating this is a big concern. I mean yeah my kid probably isn’t going to go that far from home but still it could have easily been in Ohio if not close to us. I mean if you ask me I think they need to reconsider how they screen and interview our teachers and professors, so we don’t end up with people like Gary in our classrooms teaching our children. I mean would you want someone who could do this to random people that he knows teaching your child? I look at our schools to be a safe and friendly environment were they can learn and know that they are safe while being there. All I can say is this could have easily been right here in our State or close to us. It gives us something to think about I know for me it does. I know I will be doing a lot more digging when it comes to who is teaching my child each school year. Maybe we should take things like this more serious then what people do?


Mindy Lawson

I am an outgoing outspoken adventurous person who loves her kids.

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Mindy Lawson
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