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Digging Bones

by Pamela Widmann 12 months ago in fiction

You get more then you bargained for with curiosity

Knocking down this wall was getting exhausting . These bricks were solid and hitting them was making my arms hurt. All of the sudden a huge amount of bricks came falling down. As they did a little black notebook slide across the floor.

As I opened the little black book I thought to myself,

“Is this someone’s black book of girlfriends or boyfriends with all their phone numbers?”.

If it were full of phone numbers it would be a hoot to call them to see if they are still around . A glass a wine or two and a good old fashion drunk dial!

I was so excited to open it and read what was inside .

As I opened the book and began to read I could not believe what I was reading .

The writer was speaking about a person with the initials of SK . The day they robbed SK. Who was SK?

What did this person take?

A map of some location .

Apologizing for everything that had happened . Asking for forgiveness. Each day the writer was showing more remorse . Total regret on the last entry saying I never should of robbed you and I will burn in hell for it .

Was this real should I go to the location to see what is buried?

The next morning I could not stop thinking about the little black book and SK . What was buried at the location on the map . After getting dressed,

I decided to go for it! Driving out to the location was getting more and more rural . No one around not one soul. I found the location on the map . As I was walking toward the spot I did see the tree with SK craved into the tree and a heart around the initials.

This is it . Was this a love thing ?

I started digging and digging I was getting so tired, I was thinking of quitting and giving up . I took a water break . Went back to digging and digging again .

I saw something shiny in the hole. I went down to get it I dug a little more to retrieve the shiny thing . It was a box ! As I was taking it out I saw bones of a human hand and screamed ! No one would ever hear me out here ! What do I do?

I have to call the police . My cell phone was not working out here, I will at least take the box with me to make the call ! I drove to the nearest place where my cell received a signal. As I made the call I decided to open the box, I mean what could that hurt. I was shaking so bad I’ve never seen skeleton before . I opened the box and inside was money, so much money all kept in sealed plastic bags . There were four plastic bags marked 5,000 on each of them . This what must of been what was stolen from SK . Who was the person who wrote the little black book ? Did they kill SK ? Were they still alive ?

I went back to the burial site and waited for the police . All the sudden I felt so creeped out. I didn’t have the black book with me, what will the police think of me ?

As I saw the two squad cars pull up, I was suddenly scared and felt so a uncomfortable being in my own skin.

“Hello, I’m officer Yates and you called about finding a skeleton”, said the cop.

“Yes”, I said “it’s over here.”.

We went over to the body no it’s not a body it’s just bones a skeleton!

Officer Yates, began questioning me.

“You are?”, he asked.

“Sinclair Thompson”, I answered.

“Miss Sinclair what were you doing out here digging?”, he continued.

I began to explain I was knocking down a wall in my house and out pops this little black book. It had the initials SK and a map. Apologizing for what happened . I set out this morning and this is what I found . With a box inside with Four plastic bags marked 5,000 on each bag.

Officer Yates was looking at me like I was this crazy person making up a story! What the fuck am I going to do now?

“Miss Sinclair where is this mysterious little black book?”, he asked followed with what I could only assume was a laugh under his breath.

“At my house I didn’t bring it with me I took a photo of the map.”, I answered.

He asked to see the photo and I showed him the picture.

“Miss Sinclair, let us go to your house to see this little black book you are referring to.”, Officer Yates stated.

All I was thinking who wrote this black book? Wishing I never laid my eyes on it ! Why my house ? Who the fuck was SK ? I started driving being followed by Officer Yates after he took down all my information and ran a background check on me. All of a sudden a felt like a criminal . As I pulled into my driveway Officer Yates blocked me in.

I was hoping nothing I did was illegal. Should have I turned in the little black book instead of going out digging up bones ? How was I know I would find 20,000 dollars and a skeleton?


Pamela Widmann

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