Did Jeffrey Epstein Really Commit Suicide?

Did Epstein really commit suicide or is the News hiding something from the public? Enjoy!

Did Jeffrey Epstein Really Commit Suicide?

A brief bio of Epstein before we get started.

Jeffrey Edward Epstein was an American financier and convicted sex offender, best known for his alleged sex trafficking of minors and close connections with the world's elite, and he is now pronounced dead. Officials state that Epstein committed suicide as of August 10, 2019.

Now, what I find really weird is that I was just watching the news covering this report, and there were no allegations made about him attempting to commit suicide, and if there were; why wasn't Epstein placed on Suicide Watch?

He plead not guilty in July, so you mean to tell me that he would take his own life only a month later and he plead not guilty? A Multi-Billionaire would just end it without a fight. I think this story is starting to sound very fishy.

If you don't know who Jeffrey Epstein is, continue reading below for further information.

"In 2015, a defamation case of allegations by a woman, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who has claimed that Epstein kept her as a teenage "sex slave," and that he was assisted in his efforts by a British woman, Ghislaine Maxwell.Epstein pleaded not guilty in July to charges from New York federal prosecutors after an indictment accused him of sex trafficking dozens of underage girls, some as young as 14 years old."

People are coming out stating that if they had spoken up while he was still alive, people would come to harass them even though he was in jail, which I am finding very hard to believe if he was trying to beat this case.

In my opinion I do not know if these allegations made against Epstein are true, but I do not think this man killed himself, in fact; I believe this man was murdered.

I was just watching the news at 6 AM (A routine of mine), and what''s so interesting is the news stated that he was in an NYC prison for all of these allegations that dealt with sex trafficking, and having close peers/elites have intercourse with underage woman. One woman stated that she was forced to perform sexual acts with a former US senator, the former governor of New Mexico, a prominent hedge fund manager and a late longtime MIT professor.

Now I question this; why now come out to state these things? Why not have come out earlier? I get being in fear, but why continue doing such things if it's something that you didn't want to do? Ahhh the Money maybe?

People wait so long to come out which I find to be very compelling, because If no monetary negotiations were made; would we even know this was going on to begin with?

I feel Jeffrey Epstein was in fact murdered, and the news is doing a hell of a good job covering it up and feeding the public so much negative information to tarnish his character. How is it that just almost four hours ago he was just fine. Four hours later he is pronounced dead?

What are your takes on this situation? Do you feel that Epstein did in fact commit suicide, or was this an inside job? Do you believe what the women coming out are saying about Epstein? I truly would like for all to share and provide some feedback on this, because something about this story is just not sitting right. I will be doing more in depth research on this discussion for further updates on this case, but for the mean time; soak it all in and thank you for the read. Stay tuned for whats to come of this crazy story.

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