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To save your precious time, I am claiming at the very beginning that dermatoglyphics is nothing but a fraud and deception. That being said, it is even worse than fortune-telling and astrology as should be in the same group as macrobiotic diet, anti-vaccine and multi-level marketing. At least, fortune-tellers and astrologers never claim themselves science-based.

Nonetheless, there must be some reasons for people becoming dermatoglyphics bigots.The following arguments are to prove dermatoglyphics fraudulent. Apparently, they are neither short nor straightforward, so please be patient.

First of all, let's learn some basic knowledge:

1/ What can we tell from fingerprints?

Fingerprints have special structures, which are pretty much formed from random natural elements (non-genetic ones, for example, amniotic fluid or the placenta’s martenal nutrition). In a similar stake, tree rings, skeletal muscle, footprints or snowflakes are also typical examples. The process of forming patterns is called morphogenesis.

You can watch a viral video about morphogenesis below.

Thus, although fingerprints have been proved genetic [2], how they are formed is pretty much randomly influenced by the environment. This can explain why twins, albeit having the same DNA, laways have distinctive fingerprints (not even “slightly” similar) [3].

The two key features of a fingerprint are permanency and individual uniqueness. These are what dermatoglyphics use to create the effect of "you are one of a kind and always own a treasure, you only have problem unlocking it" to attract users. Not convincing enough? Ironically speaking, every creature in the world are “unique” and each bird poop on the road is one of a kind. Unique things don’t necessarily imply some meanings.

So, with the uniqueness and permanency, the greatest use of fingerprints is to distinguish between people. In addition, it can’t possibly be analyzed or predicted by any software, and only by looking up the existing data can one see if the fingerprints match or not.

Recently, there has been a new science called Dermatoglyphics, which uses fingerprints (and other body patterns) to predict disorders and potential diseases, to illustrate, particular fingerprints can be associated to Schizophrenia. That being said, this method’s accuracy has been questioned by the National Academy of Sciences (the boogie man in the scientific world). Because the work of Dermatoglyphics pretty much jump to subjective conclusions instead of adopting scientific methods.

But the above-mentioned dermatoglyphics is a controversial science. On the other hand, what personality testing, career orientation companies are taking advantage of is known as Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Analysis (DMIT), fully translated as "multi-intelligence science". In this article, I will use "fingerprint biometrics" to refer to DMIT, not Dermatoglyphics.

2/ Why DMIT is a pseudoscience.

If Dermatoglyphics is still questioned by the National Academy of Sciences, it is out of the question considering it science.

Skimming through the most prestigious database in the world of DMIT, there is only one study from National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences [4] conducted an experiment which was the closest to DMIT. However, this study was only cited twice (meaning its reliability is extremely low and being questioned). Still, accordingly, “There have so far been no study proving the relationship between personality traits and fingerprints”

This is strenuous.

First and foremost, you need a massive fingerprint database, at least enough for a psychology statistics sample. Only the Government can afford this kind of research.

Secondly, you need a standard personality testing process. Currently, there is only a minor number qualified. MBTI, Big Five, O.C.E.A.N, as the most outstanding ones, still are being questioned by scientists.

Then you have to consider which fingerprints belong to which personality / hobbies / trends and make predictions.

Assuming you have enough fingerprints and a standard testing process, you have to observe a long period to see if the prediction trend is correct (pretty much required in psychology research). The only place that satisfy these 3 conditions is a prison. That being said, even prisons can’t tell you one’s career or personal interests.

In addition, most occupations are new, and fingerprints have taken tens of thousands of years to evolve, how could fingerprints evolve to predict the future? And the personality of each time is different, if each test at different time gives out a different result, is the test still valid?

DMIT is not true for behavioral psychology, nor for psychoanalysis. Even people do not know where it came from?

I know.

3/ The basic logical method to identify DMIT a fraudulence

If you have a good mindset, with just a few small steps of thinking you will see large logical fallacies in DMIT.


DMIT is not that common in the US or Western countries, where similar frauds could not make any money. Frankly, Tarot reading is much more astonishing, mysterious and economical as well.

All have the same format.

Still, claiming DMIT fraudulent based on these arguments is a fallacy. The problem is that the India mass media have long severely blamed DMIT.

Being bashed:

Whilst there hasn’t been any credible study on DMIT, it has been pretty much accused of being a pseudoscience. Plus, the India’s mass media has condemned this science several times.

There have even been a minor number of articles explaining DMIT. That being said, these are not really outstanding on Google. I have carefully studied them and come to a conclusion that DMIT is a fraud and deception.

Excessively praised by the media:

After googling “DMIT is fraudulent”, I got the top result from a DMIT center that had paid Google to display them according to what users searched.

That the mass media rarely spread news about DMIT may result from DMIT companies paying them to cover bad news related. This gets even more straightforward since there have been a large number of magazines praising DMIT. This agreement might be legal, yet it still is dishonest.

No science-based business model ever had to act that way.

Business Model of DMIT companies:

From my observations and interviews, most DMIT are partners or parts of life-coaching/ "self-help" companies (not implying life-coaching is evil).

The money collected from conducting DMIT is not the primary (albeit a tremendous amount). Rather, for the most parts, it acts as a precursor to selling courses on thinking, entrepreneurship and leadership. These companies also often follow multi-level marketing model, offering commissions or discounts (eventually free) when a customer refer a new one.

- Tedious motif:

Briefly surfing their website and fanpage, you can already tell if it is a scam. Did I overestimate you?

The result sheets are always similar, according to a common format

4/ Risk.

Fraud is not the worst part since what you lose to a DMIT is not merely money.

It is the problem with security, time, critical thinking and self-esteem.

Providing fingerprints for the third party bears many risks. A fraud can use it to create fake bank accounts and identities. If you provide your child's fingerprints and bad things follow, you are the one to take responsibility. This is law.

DMIT companies always have partners - companies and universities. I know that many universities invite "experts" to their school to teach moral lessons, allowing courses promotion. In addition, these extracurricular sessions are eventually compulsory since they are to score a student’s behaviors. This is such an unscrupulous event that goes against education. Students waste their time studying pseudoscience, not to mention company employees who are also involved eventually.

Although DMIT neither make you under the weather nor drive you mad, bearing any other negative effects, it is immoral to drive people from truths. Everyone has the right to make their own decisions, but what about the children who are tested?

You have the right to spend money on anyone, as well as to believe anything. But do not indulge the children.

If you still find yourselves bewildering, how can fingerprints explain?







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[8] Quora answer about DMIT:

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