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Derek Smith, George Floyd Paramedic: I Thought He Already Dead *Viewer Discretion* *Video Included*

by J. Ray about a year ago in guilty

Police Were Still On Top Of Floyd While He Was Unresponsive

Shortly after 8 pm on May 25, 2020, George Floyd entered Cup Foods Store in Minneapolis, Minnesota with a fraudulent $20 bill. After checking the bill, the young cashier called the police. A few minutes later, police caught up with Floyd in his vehicle.

The moment the officer knocked on his window with the butt of his flashlight, fear overcame Floyd. He opened his vehicle door immediately apologizing. The office was shouting commands at Floyd to put his hands on the wheel. In fear, Floyd kept apologizing and was so afraid he was having a hard time reacting to his commands.

As Floyd was in the midst of exclaiming his apologies and expressing he’s afraid because he’s been shot by the police before, the officer pulled his firearm. Pointing the firearm at an unarmed and afraid Floyd, he kept commanding him to put his hands on the wheel.

Floyd finally put his hands on the wheel and the officers removed him and handcuffed him. They walked him to the wall of the store and sat him down. Floyd was thanking the officer for not hurting him when the officer asked him to spell his name. He spelled his name letter for letter.

Back-up officers came to assist in putting Floyd in the vehicle. They went to sit him in the backseat of the patrol car when Floyd was resisting. He expressed to the officers that he is claustrophobic and he can’t sit back there. He was begging the officers not to put him in the back seat. He’s afraid of small places. A couple of officers shoved him in the back seat and he quickly moved across and out the other side.

The police received him on the other side of the patrol car and held him to the ground in the prone position. Officer Derek Chauvin who is currently on trial for Floyd’s death, placed his knee on the back of his neck and others on his back. Two more officers placed themselves down the rest of Floyd’s torso. That is where they remained.

They state that Floyd was resisting, which he was, but out of fear. But according to the Minneapolis Police Chief, The moment Floyd stopped resisting, they should have gotten off of him. Onlookers videoed and tried to advocate for Floyd by telling the officers he can’t breathe.

In the video, you can hear Floyd screaming that he can’t breathe. The police state to him that he is talking, so he can breathe just fine.

Paramedics were on the way for a code 3 to the scene of Floyd. By the time the paramedics arrived, Floyd was unresponsive and the police were on top of him for a little over nine minutes. Paramedic Derek Smith arrived at the scene stating that there was a group of people standing around and recording. He also stated he noticed that three police officers were on top of Mr. Floyd.

Smith arrived and got out and approached the unresponsive Floyd. Chauvin still had his knee placed on top when Smith looked for a pulse. He stated no pulse was found. He checked his eyes to see if they were dilated and he noticed no breathing. Smith said on the stand, “In Layman terms, I thought Mr. Floyd was dead on my arrival.”

They put Floyd in the back where they administered multiple IV medications and constant CPR. Smith said after all that they tried, it was to no avail. They rushed Mr. Floyd to the ER where a team of nurses and doctors did everything they could to bring him back. But there was no change. Floyd was pronounced dead at the hospital.


Youtube Credit: CourtTV


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