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Death By Chocolate Cake

by Jose Rivera 14 days ago in fiction

Fear and desire collide

The moment I laid my eyes upon this dark, rich and decadent beauty, I knew there was only one path forward. I will have a taste. There were, of course, parts of me that screamed to ignore the succubus that lay before me, but those voices were so far in the back of my mind. They simply served as minor background noise to what will be the ultimate euphoric experience.

I stepped.

With this step, I inhaled deep breath and in a moment, developed a sense of smell so keen that a veteran chef would marvel at it’s capability. The aromas of toasted nuts, roasted coffee and fudge danced their way around me, joyfully tugging at my nostrils as they guided me forward. I need more.

I stepped.

Electric bolts of elation course through me as I am filled with the joy only comparable to what a child feels when celebrating their birthday. For months, these legs have had nothing but sheer will as the guiding force that made them move. Now, with joy as their source of energy, there was nothing stopping me from tasting what should be mine.

I stepped.

With this step, I could hear the voices in the back of my mind growing louder. Yelling. Crying. Begging. “Stop. Please!” Why were the voices crying? I only want a small piece of the chocolate cake. It’s okay, no big deal. Are you that selfish that you wont even let me have a small piece. I ignore the voices, those negative nancies, and throw them again to the back of my mind again. There’s nothing just joy here.

I stepped. I stepped and stepped again.

Wow. There really is nothing more beautiful in the world than what lay in front of me. Moist and creamy. Gooey and multilayered chocolate cake. You are my fantasy and I cannot wait to have you. I look down at the fork and know that something this awe inspiring should only be touched by my hands.

As I reach over for a piece, the smell completely absorbs me and I am thrown into a mosaic of chocolate cake filled memories. Birthdays, first dates, celebrations and gatherings all casually graced by one of gods greatest gifts. My heart feels warm and fuzzy as I recall the very first time I had chocolate cake. My sister shoved a piece of birthday cake in my face as a prank, but my disdain turned into immediate elation as devoured the remnants of cake on my face.

The good old days and in one moment, I’ll have them again.

My right hand was a quarter second away from grabbing a slice of heaven when the voices in the back of my mind rushed to the forefront and demanded their presence be acknowledged. My reverie was broken.

“What are you doing Levi!? Please stop Levi, please! We’re so close.” Carina cried in grave desperation as she wrapped herself in her own arms.

“Mother fucker, don’t you dare do this to us! You can’t be this selfish.” Jorge’s fury raged with an intensity that was unwarranted given his frail demeanor.

I look around as I take in the scene before me. Winter. I’m reminded of the piercing cold as a fresh gust of frigid airs attack my brittle bones. Prisoners. Hundreds of us. Broken, malnourished remnants of men, woman and children. The bottom of the barrel in their hierarchal classification system. Working day in and day out in hard, back breaking campaigns to expand their camps. Minimal food, daily beatings and a miserable existence. Why did my mind let me come back here?

The soldiers laughed loudly and began to gather around to see what I would do next. They loved seeing us play into their little games. For months, they have been putting out a daily plate of delicious meals square in center view of where we work. Meant to entice us while starving us daily, the rule was that any one person could indulge at any time. The catch? Meals were canceled for a full month, but all work hours would increase. Death was sure to come and suffering was guaranteed to the brave soul who decided to indulge.

Many of the prisoners looked on with the fear that their limited energy levels allowed them to display as I walked towards my dark indulgence. Some resigned to their fate and cried silent tears, trying to cope with the pain that would come next. Others yelled and begged. Almost no one dare to move.

Jorge began to run forward, but a warning shot that pierced his left foot stopped him dead in his tracks. His fury was turned into anguish as reeled back. No one was allowed to walk forward when a prisoner has made their intent to indulge known.

Carina’s skeletal face showed almost no acknowledgment that the shot was fired, as she tried to get my attention. She looked at me with a frail smile. “Levi. We’ve been here for a long time.” Carina lifted her arms towards me and gestured I walk towards her. “One year of this and they will let us go. Please, baby, come back to me. We’ll get through this together. It’s only a matter of time.”

I could hear her words, but my wifes words had lost all meaning as I turn to gaze onto my chocolate cake. Everything fades away. I reach out and swiftly take a bite. Heaven. I am swept back into a sea of reverie. My chocolate bliss. Better than I could have ever imagined.

The ever increasing screams and cries from the crowd threaten to pierce through and disturb my wonderful experience. I try to ignore as I take bite after bite. In seconds, the large cake is gone and I look up to see a sea of desperate and angry faces before me. Revenge.

Death by chocolate cake. There are worse ways to go.

Jose Rivera
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Jose Rivera
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