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My Best Friend


This is a short story of a very painful devastating part of my life.

Note: I am not good with stories nor am I good at writing. I'm just going to say what is on my mind and what I have been through maybe I can help someone relate in their difficult situation. I've been through a lot with no help and it's tough so maybe I can even help one person. So here it I'd enjoy.

April 13 1995: 7:53PM, Jesse Phoenix (we're gonna say this is my name) was born into this world. My father Fred and mother Ann split when I was two, my mom cheated on my dad while he was at work trucking. My whole life it was a fight over would raise me...

I ended up with my grandma at the age of four. My grandma became my mom and my mom was just the lady who birthed me.

I was so angry and hurt as a child growing up. Not having parents, part of me thought it was my own fault my parents split and things happened, of course, I didn't understand what cheating was at such a young age so I was just told that they didn't love each other anymore, of course I thought it was cause of me they didn't love each other.

I was so mad my mom left at such a young age... she disappeared till I was 12, dad worked in the oil field. I never saw him! He always tried to see me on holidays and birthdays and as much as he could on what little days off he would have.

At 12 years old, I started smoking weed (I still do to this day) and acting out cause I wasn't getting the attention I needed. I started stealing, smoking weed, smoking cigarettes, staying out late and even sometimes getting drinking and blacking out, waking up not remembering what happened.

At 12 years old, I was walking home with my friend late at night we decided to take a shortcut because we wanted to get home and we lived in the ghetto growing up. This car came flying around the corner, two guys starting shouting... they got out and chased us down a pathway. The last thing I remember is turning around and my friend laying on the ground bleeding holding his throat and stomach at the same time...

The two men who chased us thought he was someone else. He tripped and they stabbed him, cutting him from his stomach to his neck... basically gutting him. It was awful, it was horrible, I was only 12 and this happened in front of me...

This stuck with me forever I am now 24 in a couple of days and this still haunts me. I still see his face and hear his screams as I ran away... my best friend and my brother gone just like that all over mistaken identity.

Anyone who has ever lost someone to violent crime knows how painful it is. Anyone who has ever watch their friend or loved one die before them knows how painful it is. Death can change your life and many others forever I will never forget you, my friend, my brother. I will always love you, your family, and one day, we'll see each other again.

If you're going through a hard time, take this note as you're not alone if you recently lost someone, take this as your not alone there are people who understand.

Until my next story, everyone, love—big Jesse out.

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