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Dark Asia With Megan

First Series Article of True Crime Podcasters to look out for.

By Anisah SuhailahPublished 5 months ago 3 min read

Hello~ Welcome to my first series article involving true crime podcasters. This isn't your usual true crime article covering true crimes but more into podcasters who I have been liking and following for as long as I can remember. Anyways, before we get into the article, I just want to say that every podcasters that I will present throughout the series may not always be your cup of tea so do not come to their social medias to spread hate. It is all love and support for every true crime podcasters globally.

Who is Dark Asia With Megan?

The channel "Dark Asia With Megan" is a South Korean girl who covers true crime cases and unsolved mysteries that are solely focused on the Asian region. As with her title channel, she covers a lot of true crime content throughout Asia [Author: ASIAN REPRESENT!!!]

As with many true crime podcasters, she takes on and tackles a lot of dark and gruesome cases. Many of those which have not been heard from mainstream media or infamous Asian cases. She garners about 288k subscribers (As of the following date today in my country 23/09/23 4:45pm in Brunei) and she also has an accumulative 18,293,080 views across all her videos since the start of her channel.

When did she start her channel / What was her first video?

She first started her channel a year ago on 24 July 2022 and her very first video was about a case called "Mungyeong Crucifixion Death Case" which can be found here. The first video was released on 5th of August 2022.

What made me follow Dark Asia With Megan?

The reason as to why I still enjoy and follow her channel is because she has presented so many Asian cases with care and interest. Not only that, she gives as much unbiased views as possible with good insights. I love the way she presents her cases and her presentation style suits me as a true crime enthusiast. There is so much cases she has covered and some I've never heard of so it's no wonder I love listening to her cover so many cases as her channel grew within a span of a year.

Want to get to know Megan?

If anybody would love to get to know about Megan, here is her Q&A video she just released a few weeks ago, which can be found here.

I would just like to point out that there are also channel playlist for all her videos if you would like to binge on the many Asian and Korean cases she covers which I will provide a link to each down below later on.

Favorite Covered Cases By Megan?

As with every cases, I have some of my favorite cases that she covers and I'll list a few of my favorites below.

1. Burrari Deaths - A Bizzare Indian Case

2. Ghost Story of Eungam-dong - Dark Matter

3. Hong Kong's Model Abby Choi - Truth on the Gruesome Murder

4. The Glory in Real Life - Cheongju Hair Curler Bullying

As with many podcasters for their love on true crime, Megan is no exception to this. I hope this article gives you guys a peak interest into true crime podcasters and give some love to them by subscribing and liking their content too. They deserve so much love and devotion of support for giving out content pertaining to the Asian region as most true crime podcasters rarely if ever focus on Asian True Crimes and always take a deep dive into their own country like American or other countries true crime.

I feel like for me, this is the first content that I do be seeing in an English format so her covering so many Asian cases has been easily digest-able and amazing. Give her support and leave a comment or two in her crime content.

Where to Find Her?

Dark Asia With Megan - Youtube Channel

Megan Lee - Instagram

Dark Asia With Megan - Apple Podcast

True Crime Korea Playlist

True Crime Asia Playlist

Dark Matters | The Unexplained Playlist


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