Criminal Intent 1

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What Happened #1

Criminal Intent 1

This is where it all begins,

Starting off in a new town, not really knowing where you are, who you are or who is around you. You began your evening with your work colleagues going out for a meal to celebrate the welcoming of new recruiters. You decide not to ask for a life home because you feel comfortable with getting yourself there on your own. However, was this the right decision to make?

On a cold October's eve, you begin to walk down the quiet high street with a few streets lights on, they don't really bring much light to the still town. You've only walked around the town in day light and to anyone any town looks a little different in day light than it does in night light, no matter what anyone says.

There are many different little alleyways coming off from the high street supposedly taking you behind the shops to the "back" doors. But some may lead to different parts of the town for a "short cut". Although you truly have no idea where you are actually going but you don't want to ask anyone for directions because surely it can't be that difficult to find where you are supposed to be going.

You take a few wrong turns around corners and down alleyways but they either lead you to back door hideouts or to a dead end which feels a little weird for a girl to be around them on her own. Along the way you come across a few people who seem to be a bit peculiar. They seem to stare at you as you walk past. You feel as if their eyes are watching over you as you are walking away. But you tell yourself it's only because you are on your own and your new to the area, everyone probably feels the same when they go to a new place.

You hope you're about halfway home so you decide to stop at what seems to be an open coffee shop, although its seems pretty empty for 8:30 in the evening. You decide to take a few steps in and realise it is open but just doesn't feel like a usual coffee shop, something feels "off" with the whole thing.

It's now too late to pretend you never stepped into the coffee shop and just walk away like nothing had happened, so you decide to walk a few more steps in. You're having a fight with your subconscious mind; it seems to have an idea of what is going to happen next, and it's not good.

However, by the time you've stepped in a bit more, what seems to be a fragile old gentleman appears from the back of the store, wearing protruding glasses and a yellow mask. This makes you jump but all seems well when he takes them off.

He realises you are new to the surroundings because he doesn't recognise your face and he recognises everyone's faces in the little town. He comforts you by making you a hot chocolate, and asking you to sit at one of the tables.

Although you feel rude to ask such a question, you decide what harm could it do. You ask the gentlemen why his shop looks deserted and why no one seems to have come in here for years. He replies with a sharp "IT'S NOT DESERTED. I do apologise."

This makes you a little more freaked out but he reassures you of why it looks the way it is. He does this by saying, "Why would you spruce something up for just a number of people to see it?" Which you suppose is quite true, why spend money on something only a number of people are going to see or experience?

You've been in the shop for about half an hour listening to this gentlemen's stories about how he came to own the coffee shop but you seem to start feeling a bit drowsy and unwell. You're not really sure what has come over you, nor why you've started to feel so unwell. When all of a sudden hours later you wake up in what seems to by the back of the shop, tied down to a table.

Your arms and legs are spread, you are tied down at your wrists and ankles with a restraint over your forehead. You begin to panic as you try and get louder and louder, the restraints get tighter and tighter and the lights switch off...

What will happen next? Wait for the second story to see what will occur.

Tanisha Dagger
Tanisha Dagger
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