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Crime file: How I Got Away With Murder

by Zythen 17 days ago in investigation

The story of the Zodiac Killer

Crime file: How I Got Away With Murder

“I like killing people because it’s so much fun.” I quoted myself.

I wrote with a malicious smile growing on my face. My cheap worn out pen slowly losing more ink as I wrote my coded confession, in which I’ll soon give to the police. I don’t know what made me start, but I remember what kept me going...

Exhibit A: The Crime scene

December 20, 1968

I was walking down a loose, gravel road. The sound of my footsteps devoured the silence and my energy slowly depleted in the cold, airy weather. Bugs attacked viscously at the last street light however, I had my eyes focused on the red glow of a cars tail light.

David Faraday’s car

As I took a couple steps forward, I had an inkling of curiosity strike me in the back of the head.

“Why would anyone be parked here by themselves?” I thought to myself.

As I creeped closer, my heart started to pound faster and faster, just as the car became clearer and clearer. The tail light looked as if it belonged to an idling Chevrolet.

“Oh well, why would I care? It just makes my job easier.” I answered myself.

As I approached the dark, metallic vehicle, I noticed a cracked-open drivers’ window. I took the opportunity to peer inside, only to be met with a young couple staring back at me in dismay.

An unknown anger took control of me as I pulled out my semi-Automatic pistol from my jacket pocket. I clicked the safety pin off and pointed the gun vigorously at the man.

“Get out! Get out of the car!” I yelled angrily.

My grip was so tight on the gun, that my hand was shaking. Before I knew it, I had accidentally shot two bullets into the car...

However, the bullets must’ve missed the couple, as none of them looked or sounded hurt.

“Okay! Okay! Just please don’t shoot us sir!” the man whimperingly begged.

The man emerged cautiously from the car, his hands up in the surrender signal, and my gun pointed at the back of his head. As the man got out, his girlfriend ran out of the passenger door.

“Help! Help! Somebody help!” The girl screamed in terror.

another burst of rage came over me.

“I couldn’t let anyone hear her, I can’t have any witnesses...” I thought frustratingly.

And with in a heartbeat, I shot the terrified boyfriend twice in the head, then took two steps forward. I aimed at the terrorized girlfriend and cautiously opened fire.

Side Note: Context

Yes, in case you haven’t realized, this is the story of how ‘The Zodiac Killer’ became such a feared name, and one of the most infamous unsolved cases of American history. With daunting letters, dead ends, and Impossible codes, the Police were never able to arrest ‘The Zodiac Killer’. However, to understand why, let’s take a trip back to when ‘The Zodiac Killer’ was an active serial killer.

The Wanted Poster for the Zodiac Killer (featuring the only two sketches of the murderers’ face).

Exhibit B: The Investigation

The next day, I read a newspaper on the double homicide that I had committed.

“Betty Lou Jensen, 16 and David Faraday, 17 young couple were slain on first date near Vallejo” - The Chronicle.

Courtesy of ‘The San Francisco Chronicle’

I read how a lady by the name of Stella Medeiros left to pick up her 13 year old son from a movie theater in Benicia at 11:10p.m. She had only driven a few minutes when, soon after, her headlights shone onto the bodies of the couple, and their car.

“I only just escaped in time” I thought to myself.

“Good thing I did, otherwise I would of had to kill her too...”

The investigators and detectives treated the homicide like any other crime in San Fransico; look for leads, and then investigate them. However, I believed that their mindset helped me stay hidden. After I read the article, I felt the sudden erge to taunt the Police and feed them clues...

Exhibit C: The Coded Message

When in got home I already had the daunting message planned out in my brilliant head. I knew what I wanted to say, I just had to write it out using the code I created for this reason. I grabbed a piece of paper from my office desk drawer and a pencil. And before I knew it, I was writing...

“I killed those kids in the park last night. I walked up to their car and shot David Faraday twice, and Betty Lou Jenson five times with a .22 caliber semi-automatic pistol. I like killing people because it’s so much fun.”

-The Zodiac Killer

I had finished my confession letter and was ready to send it.

“By golly it’s dinner time already!” I yelled in disbelief.

I made myself some dinner while I devised a plan for my next victim. However, I got lost in my thoughts that I didn’t even realize that my dinner was burning right before me.

“Oh no! Not the food! Bloody hell...” I yelled at myself in anger.

I took the pot of burned charcoal of a dinner and put it in the trash.

“Do you know how to cook? I thought.

“No! The only thing you know how to do is kill” I continued.

I walked down the creaky floor boards to my dark sonorous hallway until I reached the plain squeaky door that led to my bedroom.

“I’ll just go to sleep and hand the message to the police in the morning...” I said tiredly out loud.

and with that, I was out before I hit the pillow.

The Zodiac Killers’ coded message.

Over the years, I told the police about all of my crimes in detail. However, they were still never able to catch me. One time a news channel did call who they thought to believe was me and ask me questions. However, I wrote a letter about how that wasn’t me. It only took them 51 years to solve that message though, so it doesn’t matter now.


The Zodiac Killer has murdered tonnes of peoples lives through out the years. However, with countless tormenting and many dead ends, the police have still not been able to solve the mystery:

“Who is the Zodiac Killer?”

And because of that, the murders have been highly regarded amongst the most infamous unsolved cases of American History.

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