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Controversial Topics We Should Address More

If We Ignore The Real Facts The Problems Don’t Go Away

By AdonShar For RealPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Controversial Topics We Should Address More
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Why Be Afraid?

No one should be afraid to voice there opinion on situations that they find to be unfair or controversial. For awhile I was told that some topics should not be discussed due to the fact that others would not like what I have to say. “Honestly, who really cares.” If you are focused on what people think or say then you are the reason why I am speaking up.

Should We Not Expose What We See?

Yes, you should expose what you see or face the same consequences as the person you know did the crime. If you are in a positive vibe stay that way, walk away from the past behaviors and save yourself. There have been people in my life at the wrong place and not understand why they are behind bars.

I feel no remorse for people who do stupid $hit, and later want forgiveness. Why would a group of people come after one person who only speaks the truth? I realized these individuals or (narcissist) only focus on hate crimes. Like drugging and raping people, hurting children (molesters & predictors), fraudulent activity (hacking, fake accounts, stealing from disabled or seniors), transferring illegal money overseas. Federal crimes!!!

Every day we see and hear about breaking news that deal with shootings, murders, crashes, weather, etc. However, in America the media splice the actual facts giving us a portion of what really happened. Leaving you guessing or wondering if there was more to the story. Of course, its later released due to it being exposed and finding out that it was a cover up were not all the details were shown or reported.

Controversial Topics Matter

I feel like we avoid these because we are afraid of the consequences and what will happened if we do say something. Individuals need to know that just because you are in power doesn’t mean you can’t go to JAIL for illegal activity. Those who stand by and watch you are even more suspect to, since you see and turn a blind eye.

1. Why do individuals think that they can abuse their authority and not loss there leadership positions?

2. Why are prisoners who were charged with weed possession decades ago and sentenced to twenty or more years not pardoned? The selling of weed in America is legal now with a license should they still suffer?

3. Why are cold cases finally being solved faster? And the person who actually committed the crime only “apologizes or is never found and charged?”

4. Why are there no limits to how long an individual stays on government assistance? Every five to seven years those who are on social security are reviewed? The money you receive is money you put into the system and should be paid without question.

5. Why aren’t prisoners being protected more from sexual assaults or other hate crimes behind bars? We know and hear of it, shouldn’t matter if its men, women, or children. Our tax dollars still pay for housing the individuals who are locked up to keep it operating.

The more we sit back and act like there is nothing going on these things will continue to come out. All the activity that many think they have covered up in the past it’s all been seen now or will be in the future. I am one who don’t care what authority position you hold.

If I feel it’s wrong I will call you out on it. I realize that when you speak the truth you will be a target and have people who don’t like it. I’d rather be on the good side then on the bad side when it comes down to a fight. The hacking, illegal surveillance, doesn’t do anything accept build a bigger evidence pile for those who really do care and want to take scum bags like you down.

What does being part of the crew really mean when you’ll have nothing but time later in jail to think. When you come home you’ll advocate like I’m doing now. Helping others to not be a follower and do better? I realize I am not the problem, nor have I even been.


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