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Cases of Incest That Led to Murder

Get ready to shudder and squirm in pure disgust, because these the absolute worst cases of incest that eventually led to murder.

By James FangsPublished 6 years ago 8 min read

Incest. Absolutely nothing disgusts me more than incest in a family. Easily one of the biggest taboos ever in the history of the entire world. If you're just reading this and don't know what incest is, I'll keep it light for you. It's basically a sexual relationships within members of the same blood. Or short and sweet—two people who are related through blood are sexually interested in each other. Family members having sex—there, I said it. I know, it's revolting and it's somehow still occurring to this day. I can actually name you a few married couples who are cousins... see, it's still happening today!

However, there are past incest incidences that eventually led to murder and I'm not surprised. Those who do incestuous acts are clearly insane. These cases of incest will actually make you sick to your stomach and you'll never be able to see the world the same anymore. Sounds deranged, I know, but nothing is more deranged than these cases. I'm going to need a one-way ticket to Mars, please, because Earth isn't a great place to live anymore.

Marcus Wesson

Marcus Wesson, father and grandfather to many, was found guilty for causing the deaths of most of his children and grandchildren. He was convicted of nine counts of first-degree murder as well as 14 sex crimes that includes rape and molestation of his underage daughters. It was seen that Wesson raised a group of children through incest, held them captive from the public, and took all the money they made. He’s actually described as Fresno’s worst mass murderer.

However, it’s believed that the eldest daughter, Sebhrenah Wesson, killed the others and then killed herself. And as sick as it already sounds, it seems that the father had trained his children to kill one another if something goes wrong. Either way, police discovered a pile of nine children dead from ages one to 25 where each one has been shot in the eye. I actually have no words to describe my disgust and fury.

Eddie Lee Sexton

Satanist and father of three children, Eddie Lee Sexton basically controlled his children in a cult-like manner through years of incest and horrific abuse. While fathering about three children with two of his daughters, he’d force his children to commit murders just for him to gain “power.” This also led his own daughter to smother her baby and one of his sons to strangle his son-in-law with a rope.

Eddie Lee was captured after hiding for about a year to avoid child abuse charges and his defense attorney described the Sextons to be the “most dysfunctional family in America.” Through highly disturbing details, one of the worst cases of incest gained national attention. But once the jury suggested the death penalty against Eddie Lee, he simply shrugged and said, “That’s life.” What the hell.

Agrippa, Claudius, and Nero

There was a lot of murder and incest back in the really, really old days. Even though Agrippa the Younger married her uncle, the Emperor Claudius, she continued on from there. Agrippa was blamed for poisoning Claudius, because his death allowed her son Nero to come into power. Sick, right?

However, that wasn’t the only incident that occurred. Historian and politician Tacitus found out that there might have been sexual contacts between Agrippa and her son Nero… This could be another reason why she possibly murdered Claudius.

Ryan Wyngarden

This is probably one of the most disturbing cases of incest I’ve ever heard. So, while Rick Brink was found in his car dead after being shot twice, his wife Gail, was shot three times in their home. Police have been investigating the case for years, but then the case completely twisted in 2013 when Gail’s brother, Ryan Wyngarden, was arrested.

Ryan’s wife called the police saying that Ryan confessed to her in 1987 that he murdered his sister Gail and her husband Rick. And the reason is just horrifying—Ryan and Gail had an incestuous relationship when they were younger. Through jealously and fear that Gail would spill the beans, Ryan murdered the two, leading him guilty to two counts of first-degree murder.

Daniel and Ashley Rinehart

When I said the previous case was one of the worst cases of incest ever, this one definitely tops it. It looks like the deranged Daniel Rinehart kept a dirty little secret away from the public. It’s not a “little” secret, it’s a major conflict that even his own wife knew about. It turns out that Rinehart was having a sexual relationship with his own daughter, Ashley, since she was only five years old. Five years old! The best part? His wife knew all about it and even threatened the other daughters if they told a single soul about it.

From the four children Ashley gave birth to, three of them died, and the two within the three of them were actually placed in coolers and left on a farm to die. How sickening. Luckily, one of the daughters got ahold of the police and explained everything to them. While Rinehart made an excuse that their relationship was consensual, he was still convicted of incest, rape, felony murder, and corpse abandonment—giving the shithead a life sentence and 22 years in addition.

The Hinterkaifeck Murders

So, in 1922, about five members of the Gruber family, including their maid Maria Baumgartner, were found completely slaughtered in Germany. While this case continues to remain unsolved, there's a conspiracy theory that one person may have been the murderer. As the father of the family, Andreas, was known to be very abusive to his children, he’s also had an incestuous relationship with his daughter Viktoria.

Josef, who was the result of incest, was murdered as well. But it looks like the case turns to Lorenz Schlittenbauer, who was supposed to be Viktoria’s suitor, might have been the suspect behind the murder of the family. It’s believed that Lorenz might have suddenly lashed out on the family through jealously of the incest relationship which caused the murdering and hiding the bodies in a pile of hay in the barn. This is also one of the horrifying unsolved murders to have ever existed.

Fred and Rosemary West

Yeah… I wouldn’t call these two “relationship goals.” Among the absolute revolting cases of incest ever, Fred and Rosemary West were seen as a married duo who were not only serial killers, but serial rapists. If just their title disturbed you, wait until you hear about this case. While Fred claimed that he was exposed to incest and bestiality at a young age by his father, this caused his behavior to be extremely troubling—this might be an excuse he made up, too. He's also seen as one of the most brutal serial killers ever.

However, that’s not even the worst part. From the years 1967 to 1987, Fred committed at least a dozen murders in England, and the majority of them were with his second wife Rosemary. Rosemary herself isn’t even normal! She was sexually abused by her own father through most of her life and this caused her to become troubling, as well. Like some wicked power couple, the two tortured, raped, and killed several young women along with dismembering their bodies and burying them. Fred has even raped his own daughter Anne-Marie before she escaped. Then he started sexually abusing his other daughter Heather, and she too disappeared. When the police captured them, Fred joked around and mentioned that Heather was buried under the patio. Later, the police found her bones and other bones of the victims.

Jerry and Daizsa Bausby

Unfortunate and seriously just plain disgusting, this case among the other cases of incest truly makes me wonder how I’m living on this planet. Daizsa Bausby was living the teenage dream. She was top in her class, was a cheerleading captain, and even a basketball player. She possessed brains, strength, and beauty! But then a maid found her body on a hotel bed… she was sodomized and then suffocated.

Her father Jerry mentioned that he rented the hotel room for her to share with a few of her friends. He also stated that he stuck around for about 20 to 30 minutes. However, DNA from Daizsa’s body linked straight to her damn father and he was immediately charged with murder, sodomy, incest, and sexual abuse of his own daughter.

Barbara Daly Baekeland and Antony Baekeland

I’ll need to bleach my eyes after covering this case. Have you ever heard of Barbara Daly Baekeland? She was a stunning actress and American socialite who was loved and crushed on by so many fans. She even appeared in Vogue and became a successful model. In the midst of her fame, her and her husband filed for a divorce and her son Antony decided to live with her. Yes, you know exactly where this is going.

While the two of them both suffered with really bad mental illnesses, Barbara discovered that her son was having a sexual relationship with another man—and she wasn’t happy about this. So, do you know her idea of “curing” her son? Since prostitutes didn’t cure him from his homosexuality, she somehow convinced him to have sex with her as another way. And, of course, Antony didn’t handle it well, because not only is he not interested in women, but it’s his mother! Anyways, in 1972, at 25 years old, Antony stabbed his mother with a kitchen knife after telling her that he ordered Chinese food—comedy gold. Right when he was let out of the institution, he then stabbed his grandmother, but she somehow survived. In the end, he suffocated himself to death.

Cleopatra and Her Family

Lastly, among the disgusting cases of incest in history, I’m not shocked about Cleopatra and her entire family being involved in incest. Aside from her parents being siblings, she herself had a sexual relationship with her brothers. Brothers, yes, that’s plural. In fact, it was common for Egyptian royalty during the time. She actually planned on marrying her brother Ptolemy XIII in order to keep the power in the family alive.

Yet, it seemed that her brother threatened Cleopatra’s ambitions, then banished her. After this conflict, she allied with Ceasar and married her other brother, Ptolemy XIV… and it’s rumored that she killed him through poison. And just to be safe, Cleopatra had her sister and potential rival Arsinoe IV killed, as well.


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