Can You Tell the Difference Between an Organized or Disorganized Serial Killer?

Can you?

Can You Tell the Difference Between an Organized or Disorganized Serial Killer?

Many think that there is only one type of serial killer out there, the murder-a-large-amount-of-people-in-a-specific-way kind, and that's true. There are those kinds of killers, but they are categorized into two types, organized and disorganized. Now some of you might be thinking What does organization have to do with murder? or How does knowing that help catch a murderer? though if you're really observant of the world around you than you will understand where I am coming from when I said organized and disorganized serial killers. Let me explain to those who are actually curious about something like this — especially the more cautious people of this world, killers like John Wayne Gacy, the Zodiac Killer, Jeffery Dahmer, or even Jack the Ripper are all the "famous" serial killers we've heard stories about, each having their own method to their murders, except they had one thing in common — they were all organized murderers.

Organized Serial Killers:

  • Average or Above Intelligence: Those killers I mention each had about average or above average intelligence, they were smart about how they would execute one murder after another. It is the reason some of them, like the Zodiac, were either never caught or took a long time to capture them and their kill counts are of the charts.
  • Maintain Control: For some people this means a lot of different things be it physical or mental, to maintain control of the situation the killer would have establish his/her dominance over the situation whether the victim be male or female. They feel like they hold power over their victims.
  • Luring the Victims: Each killer had their own sort of ruse to get their preferred victim to come with them and have their lives ended. John Wayne Gacey promised young men a job with pay before kidnapping and murdering them or if a murderer is after women he/she may be good looking or give the women what they want before taking them away to their doom.

Disorganized Serial Killers

  • Impulsive: Impulsiveness isn't the greatest thing to have even if your a killer, a impulsive killer is a reckless killer, they would sometimes take a life based on emotions. Too much emotion will create an impulsive killer especially when you're first starting out, NEVER let your emotions cloud you too much or you will get reckless.
  • Low Intelligence: Disorganized killers will more than likely to be low intelligence, the men/women who have this amount of intelligence will never make a name for themselves because they will never think before they act, probably one of the reasons why they always likely be caught.
  • Introverted: This is one way you can tell if someone is disorganized killer, this person will act shy beyond belief and will be more concerned about their own thoughts and feelings instead of trying to hid them from the law enforcers — since they would be too caught up in whether or not if they will get caught. These kinds of killers will never make long term reputations like the famous killers we heard or studied about in books or reports since they will be too worried about their own well being.

So the question remains, Do you know the difference between a organized and disorganized killers?

Answer is now you do, but the second question is do you have some suspicions for certain people? You decide.

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