Booze, Broads and Blackjack

A review of a thriller from Hectic Films Production

Booze, Broads and Blackjack

Despite being sidelined by COVID-19, Booze, Broads, and Blackjack has raked in the awards from film events on both sides of the US. It's a mob thriller film that presents the skill and on-screen power of veteran actor Vincent Pastore of The Sopranos fame. The film also shows that what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas.

Based on the novel of the same name by Carl Nicita (who also wrote the screenplay), it all starts when a DJ from Syracuse, New York, named Jack King (Joe Raffa, Portal, Dark Harbor) wins an opportunity to play in a big poker tournament in Las Vegas. He already is dreaming of an opportunity to move out to Las Angeles with his girlfriend Misty (Erica Rey, Killer Rose, and Machine Gun Baby) and sees this trip as a perfect getaway for the two. The plot begins when Jack ignores his Uncle Vinny’s (Pastore) warning about one of his apartments being off-limits and takes Misty there for a late-night celebration. In a matter of bad timing, Uncle Vinny had just authorized a hit and ordered the body dropped somewhere.

Back at the apartment, Misty witnesses a car dropping off something in a dumpster during a smoke break in the alley. She investigates it to discover a dead body. Shaken, she wakes Jack and they learn his uncle is behind the killing. With Uncle Vinny aware of the situation, he asks his nephew to pick up a suitcase from a colleague (James Duval, Independence Day) when he goes to Las Vegas for the poker tournament he got into. With one catch: he can't bring Misty with him.

Both Jack and Misty fear that once he leaves for Las Vegas, Uncle Vinny is going to have Misty killed for what she knows. With encouragement from Misty, Jack brings her with him where problems only escalate when he runs into a former lover (Sarah French, Rootwood). When love and betrayal happen in Las Vegas, it does not stay there, as Jack King will find out. Since he has disobeyed his uncle and shown disrespect towards him and the organization, Uncle Vinny decides to have both Misty and Jack killed, once the briefcase is delivered to him.

With Misty in fear for her life and hurt at Jack’s perceived betrayal, she decides to call the local police. When Jack discovers her dead, he has a run-in with his lover’s husband who is shot in the head and thought to be dead. Jack discovers that his uncle ordered a hit on him and Misty, and agrees to turn on Uncle Vinny when he delivers the case.

Once King returns to Syracuse, he resumes his position as the DJ at the radio station with much chagrin. Since the events in Las Vegas have transpired, he was forced to leave his lover in Las Vegas and continues to dream incessantly of leaving his life in the Northeast for life in sunny Los Angeles. He gets his chance when a friend contacts him about an opening for a radio DJ in a Las Vegas office. King jumps at it and finds out his lover is expecting him. Unknown to King, the husband of his lover, thought to be dead, is very much alive and is wanting blood.

Brought to you by a joint effort by the company behind My Amityville Horror (Film Regions International) and the film company behind Machine Gun Baby (Hectic Film Productions), this film is filled with tense scenes and relatable characters Booze, Broads and Blackjack is a worthy addition to the mob film fan. It is available on Amazon Prime Video for rental or purchase, and a release to VOD platforms in the near future.

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Ethan H. Gaines
Ethan H. Gaines
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