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The wolf hunt the sheep, and the sheepdog hunt the wolf to protect the sheep.

It was the beginning of my shift. My team and I were in briefing when my sergeant pulls up a BOL (Be on the lookout) for a felony subject wanted for Assault with a Deadly Weapon. The subject had been known to visit specific areas on my beat, places where no one would think to look. After he got out of prison, he had started to clean up his act, but he slipped up a couple times. But this time was the one time too many. His parole agent violated him because it was too much. My partner and I had been looking for this subject for two days now. Next thing that happened, the dispatcher comes over the radio and dispatches an attempt assault between two brothers. The Reporting Party, RP, was the mother who said that both of the subjects had been drinking and got into an argument. There was no further information. We relayed to the dispatcher that we were en route to the call when we passed a bus stop. At that bus stop, there was a male subject fitting the description of the felony subject. My partner and I break from the assault call to do a pedestrian stop on the subject. When we got out of our county marked patrol vehicle, I asked the male subject what his name was. He confirmed that he was the male subject we were looking for. My partner instructed him to put his hands in the air and he complied. My partner then asked if he had any weapons on him, and the male subject replied, "Yes." Immediately after he said yes he made a very rapid movement, grabbed the said weapon, and before my partner and I drew out department issued service weapons, the male subject threw the weapon away. One shot was fired from my partner's weapon, but it did not hit anyone.Then my partner pulled out his department issued taser and started giving the male subject commands, while I was putting out Emergency Traffic to my dispatcher, relaying any and all information that was necessary for my partners to respond and assist with out felony subject. In the end, we got him in custody with no injuries. My partner and I booked the male subject into county jail and then went on with the rest of our shift. My whole team went home to their families at the end of the shift, which IS ALWAYS considered as a win.

A few days later, there was a loud noise, almost similar to a gunshot. I immediately went into fight or flight mode. I started searching for a threat to eliminate and assessing the situation around me. This is when I found out that somewhere inside of me I have an extent of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), because my heart was racing and I was very warm on the inside.

I did not have many episodes like this after the aforementioned time.

Another time was when my partner and I went to back up out beat partner on a foot pursuit of a subject wanted for a felony crime. He was actually close enough to his residence that he fled towards it. We eventually formed a perimeter around the property. He ended up turning himself in to us because he heard the K-9 barking and did not want to be bitten.

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