Black Widow, Part Two

by Holly Reinhardt 2 years ago in fiction

Chapter 2

Black Widow, Part Two

Jack and I were on our regular patrol when dispatch came over the cb.

"Jack, Murphy, come in..."

"We're here. What's the news Darcy?"

"The coroner has asked for you guys to come back to the morgue. He said it's urgent."

So back to the morgue we went. I guessed maybe this urgent news could crack the case. One could only hope.

At the morgue, the coroner showed us what he had found. All the victims were male but missing their genitals. This alone led me to believe we may be looking for a female killing, but it was to early to say for sure. But where were the missing parts to these poor men, I wondered, and why? And who are they? There was still no identity for any of the bodies. We had to go back and look at the crime scenes again to see if we missed these parts there.

Back at crime scene one, the park, we blocked the area where the body was found and looked all over within a ten mile radius to find the missing genitals, but to no avail. "That sick son of a bitch must have them!" I said to Jack. The look of disgust on Jack's twisted face was enough for me to know what he was thinking. On to the second crime scene we went, hoping to get lucky.

Crime scene two was no better. We went over it with a fine-toothed comb but still couldn't find even a pubic hair or any sign of the genitals. This was getting frustrating to say the least. Where could they have hid them? It's not like you can keep them in a jar in the fridge, right?

Crime scene three, we still had no luck. The poor bastard used an alias to rent the goddamn room. And nobody saw anyone go in or out of the room. The poor housekeeper who found the scene said the door was locked and it was quiet. She thought the guest had left. That poor woman is gonna need a lot of therapy after what she saw. Hell, I still see it in my dreams. I can only imagine someone who doesn't see that shit everyday.

"Drop me off at home, Jack. I need to think alone in my dark space." My dark space is in my study where I go to be alone with my darkest thoughts. I need to think like a killer and get into the killer's mind set. What makes this bastard tick? Two hours had passed when my cell phone rang. It was Jack. "Murphy! You need to get to the station right now. There is a package on your desk from an anonymous sender."

"On my way!" Holy shit, was this a possible break in the case? I was hopeful this might help, but what could it possibly be? As I ran up the stairs, Jack met me at the doors. "Murphy, the package is leaking red!" Oh, dear Lord, please don't let it be what I think it is. As I got to my desk, I put on gloves so as not to ruin any possibly fingerprints on the package as I carefully open it.

"OH MY GOD!" I said as I turned away to puke in the trash. It was my worst fear. It was a mutilated part from one of our victims. The sack seemed to be cut and stitched back up. "Jack, get forensics up here, stat."

As forensics cut the stitches, out rolled a set of eyes with a tiny note that read "I am watching you." What the hell where we dealing with? This is just fucked. Where were the testicles of this sac and who did it belong to? Why did they deserve this? There were so many unanswered questions. And why me? Why was this directed to me? How did they know who was on the case?

Later that evening, my head swimming with the sight of the parcel I received that day, I had no appetite to eat. Jack called me up, wanting to know if I wanted to grab a bite and discuss the case. Discuss the case while eating — what was he thinking? But, knowing we needed to work on it, I had agreed to come.

At Grover's Diner, Jack ate a jumbo burger with all the fixings. Meanwhile, I played with my salad, disgusted at how he could eat after today. "So, the coroner said the piece of meat you got today don't belong to any of the victims in the morgue," Jack said, shaking his burger at me.

"What!" I exclaimed, directing a little unwanted attention by accident. "You mean to tell me we got another stiff out there somewhere without his twig and berries?"

"I guess so," Jack said. "But keep your voice down. We don't want to cause a panic." Damn it. "Where was the body?" was all I could wonder as I picked at my salad. I had to get it to go. I just couldn't eat it. Jack, however, ate that burger like it was the last one on Earth. Gross. I went back to home to try to get some sleep as I was sure that the body would turn up tomorrow somewhere where everyone could see it.

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