Black Widow

by Holly Reinhardt 2 years ago in fiction

Chapter 1

Black Widow

It was a rainy August night when I got the call. It was my partner Jack. "We got another one." Another one, I thought, we just got back home from a 16 hour shift.

"I'm on my way," I told him. Boy I wish I hadn't, the scene was gruesome. I wasn't sure if it was a boy or a girl the body was so badly mutilated. "What do we know Jack?" I wasn't sure I even wanted to be there at this point but it's my job. I am the lead detective on the case. My name is Murphy Dockins and this is my case of the Black Widow killer.

As Jack and I stood there wondering what could have brought someone to do this to a person, we noticed the eyes were sewn shut, was this a sick ritualistic killing? The coroner just showed up to collect the body from around the room. Looking around the room for anything to give us a clue of what the hell happened here, all we found was a new vile of lipstick scarlet colored. "Well that ain't gonna help us," Jack said."You can buy that kind anywhere."

Back at the office as we stare at the photos from the first scene and the newest one we realized it may be the workings of a serial killer. Guess we shall wait for the coroner's report on both.

The coroner's report is in and confirms my suspicion this is the same killer. Jack and I were in for a long haul on this one. The killings were so brutal it was sickening. I needed to go home and get some sleep so that I can think clearly on this case.

In the morning at the office Jack was already there. "Morning Murphy, hope you slept well because we got another one." Holy shit this guy works quick I thought it hasn't even been 10 hours since the last body was found.

"Ok Jack, let's roll before someone mucks up our scene." If this was like the other scenes I was gonna need a coffee before we get there.

We decided to stop at a roadside coffee shop for a cup of morning sludge. It tasted like mud but it's caffeine. As we arrived at the scene, a small motel off sunny avenue, we were greeted by the officer first on scene. "It's a mess in there guys, we still haven't found the head." He wasn't kidding it was like a bad horror movie from hell. The white walls were painted with blood and the body was so badly mutilated it was what nightmares are made of.

We looked over the room trying to figure out who this was. Maybe find an ID, a picture or something to identify this victim. All we could find was another vile of lipstick, but something was different this time; it was in the victim's hand which was found in the bathroom sink. Was this victim female, I wondered? Who could do such a thing to someone? What kind of twisted sick bastard could do this?

Back at the office I was sick to my stomach thinking about our latest victim. Who did they piss off that much to get dismembered? Was it a mob hit? So many thoughts going through my head. What was the significance of the lipstick? Was it a calling card? Maybe a female assassin. My head was swimming with so many thoughts I thought I was gonna drown. I need to collect myself and look at the three murders again, I must be missing something.

Grabbing a hot dog at the stand outside the station with Jack, "Do you have any ideas you want to share Jack?"

"I just can't wrap my head around what we are dealing with, shit like this don't happen in this sleepy town."

"I got nothing Murphy, I am just as puzzled as you are." Damn it it's gonna be another sleepless night in Utah. Going over the crime scene report, photos and coroner's report, all three victims were missing their eyes the sockets sewn shut. Was this the killer's trophy, the eyes of his victims? Maybe so he can look into them whenever and remember the fear they showed as he killed them. This perp is sick beyond belief. We need to catch him before he kills again. The lipstick and the eyes missing are the only constants in all three murders. I am gonna wrack my brain trying to figure these murders out. Jack and I sat there pondering what was our next move.

How does it work?
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Holly Reinhardt

I am a 32 year old stay at home mom who loves to write fiction and tales of darkness. I have been working on the Black Widow story for a couple years now and finally I am willing to share it. I hope you all enjoy.

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