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Birthday Surprise

A story about two young explorers exploring an abandoned children’s entertainment spot.

By Burnt BaguettesPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Birthday Surprise
Photo by Will Echols on Unsplash

Birthday Surprise

A story about two young explorers exploring an abandoned children’s entertainment spot.


Kennedy had suggested that they got to a place that is least likely to have a rotting corpse in it, so he decided that he and Devon should go explore an abandoned children’s entertainment spot. Kennedy and Devon made videos on youtube exploring abandoned places to show the dangers of doing so, so people wouldn’t do it.

“Okay so I choose the location this time, so it shouldn’t be too scary,” Kennedy said. But what he didn’t know is Devon had rigged the place beforehand to scare his best friend.

“Devon is over there looking all handsome, putting on his shoes and his go pro,” Kennedy said as he turned around to face his best friend Devon. Kennedy had a go pro strapped to his torso and in a minute Devon would have the same. It was way easier to interact with stuff when you aren’t holding a camera. People would watch them because it was fun to watch people do crazy things that you wouldn’t do anytime in your life. And people would watch them because the way they interacted was like a romantic comedy. It was so obvious that Kennedy had a huge crush on Devon as everyone knew it, but Devon. Kennedy was 19 and Devon was 23, they had been best friends for so long, actually 19 years, people found it a little strange when a 3-year-old was hanging out with a one-month-old, but that started an ever-lasting bond that would never break.

“Hurry up,” Kennedy said as Devon walked over to the place. Kennedy had on long sleeves, pants and shoes, and gloves because he didn’t want to know what was on some of the things he touched. Devon had forgotten his gloves, but he usually had the same thing as Kennedy. They walked into the place. It was dimly lit by the windows.

“Let’s go in that room first,” Devon said. He needed to get Kennedy distracted so he could set up the prank he planned on doing. It was something harmless. Devon was going to put out a slice of cake, chocolate cake for that matter since Kennedy hated it, and then he would put a life-sized doll that looked like a child eating cake. Kennedy would get scared by that and probably start screaming and nothing was better than seeing fear on your best friend’s face.

“Oh look they have air hockey,” Kennedy said and he shined his flashlight on it. It was full of cobwebs and looked pretty run down. Devon took this time to go set up his prank. Kennedy looked around. It was just an arcade but it hadn’t been used in a couple of years.

“So Devon and I researched before coming here and this place had been shut down eight years ago, so not that long ago. It was closed because, or rumor has it, it closed because they would reuse pizza that people had already eaten and then serve it back to customers. Devon then proceeded to stay and they closed down because they would stuff dead bodies in the animatronics. Where is he?” Kennedy said and he stopped talking and went to go look for Devon.

“Devon this isn’t funny, where are you?” Kennedy asked and he shined his flashlight throughout the rest of the arcade.

“Sorry I was using the bathroom,” Devon said and he turned back on his go pro. Kennedy just looked at him disgusted. Devon was the type to use the bathroom when and wherever he pleased.

“I didn’t go in that room, so we can go there next,” Devon said, that’s where the prank he had set up was. They walked over there. In the middle of the room sat a person with a chocolate slice of cake.

“Uh, what in the world?” Kennedy said. He smiled. Devon could never prank him. Kennedy clicked on a remote control that was hooked to the doll that Devon had bought. Kennedy had recorded a very high pitch recording of his own voice and put it in the doll and he made it so the doll’s head moved 360 degrees.

“Come play with me Devon,” The doll said and it turned its head all the way around to look at Devon. Devon jumped and he began to scream very loudly as Kennedy cackled. Devon began to shoot at the doll with a gun that he kept just in case. Kennedy laughed harder.

“I hate you,” Devon said.

“Don’t ever try to prank me again,” Kennedy said and Devon grabbed the chocolate cake, because that was expensive, and walked out. Kennedy followed him out laughing his head off. That wouldn’t be the end of the prank wars, it would only be the start of it.

Rumor has it the doll still moves to this day, just kidding, the doll isn’t alive and it got shot where its circuit board was, so it would never work again.


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Burnt Baguettes

I like to write sad, dystopian lesbian love stories. That is all you really need in life.

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