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America weapons violence

Armed America itself is suffering the consequences, parents understand the responsibility towards children

By FxtehPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
America weapons violence
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Six people, including three children, have been killed in a shooting at a school in the city of Nashville in the American state of Tennessee. Similarly, during a city kirtan in the city of Sacramento, California, Gurdwara Sahib
Six people, including three children, have been killed in a shooting at a school in the city of Nashville in the American state of Tennessee. Similarly, two people were injured due to firing in Gurdwara Sahib during a Nagar Kirtan in the city of Sacramento, California. Shooting incidents are common in America. No one is surprised at such incidents there because any person above the age of 18 years can buy weapons and bullets.A weapon can easily be bought to give someone a gift. The bill recently signed by President Joe Biden only required gun dealers to sell firearms after knowing the buyer's background. This is just a minor amendment in this case. In fact, America's arms mafia is so strong that no political party there has been able to stop the open sale of arms. Arms companies give huge amount of funds to political parties due to which they do not have the courage to impose any restrictions on them. There have been accusations that the US deliberately spreads chaos in different parts of the world to help the arms mafia.So that there is consumption of ammunition in those areas. Every 100 people in that country have an average of 88 weapons. These figures are from a survey of the year 2011.

According to the available data, 1.15 lakh people are victims of bullets every year in the entire country. Such incidents include murders, assaults, accidental shootings, use of bullets by the police, suicides or similar attempts. Fugitives from the law or persons considered a danger to society cannot purchase firearms in the United States.In addition to these, people who have renounced American citizenship, were dishonorably discharged from the army, unauthorized immigrants and people who have come to America temporarily for business or travel cannot buy firearms. Such a culture of weapons is now affecting the entire world. Gangsters in Punjab shoot anywhere whenever they want. Many young people have fallen victim to gang war. Many unemployed youth fall prey to anti-social elements.Governments should devise such policies that no person remains jobless. Children should be taught against weapons from the first grade. Parents and teachers should also understand their responsibility and should constantly prevent children from using weapons through moral education. What they see on the Internet should also remain unnoticed by adults. If we don't do it now, future generations will never forgive us.

Destructive mass shootings, hate incidents of racism are continuously increasing in America and all the states of the country are affected by them. As a result, dozens of people, including children and women, have been killed due to this in March alone. The seriousness of the situation can be estimated from the fact that at least 57 people have died in 38 shooting incidents in America this month while 133 others have been injured.

If we take a look from January 2023 to March 29, 130 incidents of mass shooting have taken place so far.

2 people were shot dead during Nagar Kirtan in a Gurdwara in Sacramento County, California. The US government prefers to blame instead of taking some concrete steps. Blame the parents, blame the teachers. Blame religion (provided it's not Christianity). Blame mental illness (whether the accused suffers from it or not). But don't blame the guns.

In most countries, it has been decided that it is worthwhile to seriously restrict gun ownership because although most gun owners are law abiding, there are some cynical people who use them to harm themselves or others. With the help of automatic and semi-automatic weapons, they can kill a large number of people in minutes-seconds. Sometimes gun rights advocates in the US like to share news stories detailing instances where a gun owner foiled an attempted burglary by killing or driving away an armed burglar who entered a home but had a banned gun. Control advocates in the US and abroad are generally unimpressed by such stories. No one would need a gun to protect their home if one couldn't get one. No one ever argues that if one outlaws nuclear weapons only criminals will own nuclear weapons. This is because there is no sense of cultural identity attached to the ownership and use of nuclear weapons.

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