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Alonzo Brooks Case Re-Opened and Body Exhumed

An "Unsolved Mysteries" Episode Triggered Fans Demanding To Re-Open A Murder Case. Investigators Obliged

By Jasper WolfPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Alonzo Brooks

Sixteen years ago, Alonzo Brooks got ready to leave for a party. He didn't know he wouldn't return. Friends and family state he was a loving and fun person.

An episode of Unsolved Mysteries described Alonzo's Murder. The episode states that he went with a group of friends to a party in a "one traffic light town".

At this party, Alonzo didn't know anybody. He was almost 50 miles from home, but he was just there to have a good time. His friends state that he initiated showing up at the party with, "Who wants a beer?!"

Drinking games, music, and said to be in a great mood and outgoing Alonzo joined in.

In the middle of his fun, one of the other people at the party must have said a racist remark because his friend said that he had to break up Alonzo almost getting into a fight with another party goer.

Tempers seemed to die down and his friend Justin went to go get cigarettes. But he was in the middle of no where and he took a wrong turn. He couldn't find his way back. He called the party and Alonzo said he would catch a ride with one of his other friends. The plan got mixed up some where and Alonzo was left at the party alone with the party goers he didn't know.

His friend called his mom the next morning and asked if Alonzo got home okay. His mom checked his room and saw his room still made up. They start calling around and nobody has seen him.

The house the party was at was down a long drive way in the middle of no where. Across a field behind the house was a creek. When his best friend showed up to the house, he found Alonzo's hat and boot across the road and his other boot down the road.

Party House

Later, the family spoke with the police department of the area and they brushed the family off as if he was just a kid "Messing Around." But his friends and family stated that town was a racist town. It was a racist area.

After the police department shrugged it off, the KBI (Kansas Bureau of Investigation) takes over the investigation. A rescue search began. They combed the field and down by the creek. The water was 3 ft deep and they walked the creek looking for a body. Alonzo was not found.

A month after his disappearance, the town allowed the family to do their search. A group of loved ones gathered in the area of the party and they split up to start the search. They walked the area of the creek. They saw a white shed and started walking toward it to check it out. The lady looks up and sees Alonzo's body on the creek bed.

His brother states all of his belongings were still on him and everything was still in tact. His complexion was the same and his body did not look bloated with water. It doesn't look like he sat in the water for a month, so what happened to Alonzo?

The medical examiner does not know the cause of his death. The cause of death is undetermined. He was buried and his case went cold.

Alonzo Brooks Grave Stone

After the episode aired, fans call out investigators and demand justice. They want more answers.

So, sixteen years later, officials have exhumed his body and are re-opening the case. The FBI is offering $100,000 to anyone with information about his death. More Information to come.


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