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A Life's Lesson in A Little Black Book

by Jammie Alexander about a year ago in fiction
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Love, Lust, Mystery

As I sit here sipping my hot mocha latte at my favorite coffee shop I gaze out the window as always. He's sitting there like usual 7:15am sipping his hot black coffee. I know our favorite coffee shops are rivals and that we don't have much in common however, he is by far the most attractive man I have ever seen and I am so intrigued by that little black book he has with him. He has hazel eyes and short blonde hair, he is about 6 feet tall maybe a little taller and is very buff. He carries it everywhere and never puts that thing down. Except today I guess, oh wait where is he going? He just got a phone call and left abruptly, it's highly unlike him. Oh no...he left his book behind. I don't even know his name...yet but I am about to know a lot more about him. I jet across the moderately busy street as I go into the rival coffee shop and ease the book into my purse. I order a mocha latte just to compare the taste and to my surprise it's not half bad. Not as good as across the street, but depending on what I find in this book I could make it work.

I have to get to work so I leave the book in my purse most of the day until I get home and have time to indulge. I open up to the first page and it seems to be like a book someone is writing with a handwritten note. "To the most beautiful woman I may never have the courage to know, I will always love you more than you can ever understand."

This didn't make sense because as far as I knew he was single. He spent most of his days working and working out. I may have seen him glance up at me once or twice from the other coffee shop. Maybe he has a secret lover he holds captive in his home that he kidnapped at a younger age? Or maybe he has a wife that's paralyzed that I can't see through the windows? I'm not sure but now I just want to keep reading.

As I turn the next page and start to read I get a shiver down my spine. "As I sit here with my sunglasses on secretly watching your every move from across the street in the other coffee shop. How I wish I had the courage to just grab you by the hand one of these days and take you down the alley and bend you over. My desire to be with you is like none other. I don't even know your name yet the way your red hair drifts in the wind and the way you bite your lip as you gaze at me not knowing I'm looking back at you."

Oh my gosh this book is filled with his fantasies about me...I'm not sure weather to be intrigued or scared. I flip to the last few pages to read. "I just can't take this anymore. I HAVE to meet you. I have a plan. I know you will find this book, please don't get scared. we will be together soon."

I hear a knock at the door, I quickly check the time 11:30pm. Who would be here this late. As I approach the door my heart is racing, I'm not sure what to do. All I have on is my lingerie and a silk robe that was mysteriously sent to me last week. I have been getting gift from a secret admirer for almost a year now. I walk to the door and open it, "It's you"

"You have something of mine."

"It's actually about me, so shouldn't I be able to read it?"

"Oh so you have already opened it! That makes this a little more difficult."

"Difficult how?" He grabbed my arm firmly

"I wanted you to be willing to come with me, now I fear you may be scared off. I may have to get the chloroform." I looked at him seductively.

"There will be no need for that here. I have been stalking you for at least 8 months now. I know where you eat, where you sleep, where you work, where you workout. I even know where your friends Alexis and Brandon live. There is also no need for hostility my dear." I take off my robe to expose the sexy lingerie that I assume he purchased for me. Malibu blue, my favorite color, see through so he can see my nipples. Corset like on both cheeks with hanging ribbons. "Are you ready to have some fun? My name is Vanessa by the way, and yours?"

"I'm Logan, but you can call me daddy for tonight. I will be needing that book back by the way."

I had one of the best nights of my life until the end had arrived. "Do you like to be choked? I heard you love it."

"Stop that Logan, that's too hard. Please stop." I gasped for air for as long as I could. He had me tied down so I couldn't move and I couldn't scream. All because of that little black book I obsessed over I was going to die. All I could think about in those last few seconds was that this man was going to get away with this because I had evidence of stalking him and that he was going to do this to more women over and over again. I reached and could just barely grab the black book and tossed it into the fire.

A few months went by but to me it felt like I fell asleep and woke up. I was in a hospital room. I didn't remember much except that it felt like I had a conversation with someone. It was like I was given a second chance, that because in my last moments I didn't think of myself that I was given the opportunity to live. The police arrived and told me that within the book it had flammable elements and set off a small explosion. My neighbors heard and came and found me and called 911, with the help of dna from the rape kit they found the repeated rapist and murderer Morgan Donatello. He was to be convicted in a week.

After a hell of a night I learned my lesson, never be curious of strange sexy men and most importantly never read the little black book.


About the author

Jammie Alexander

Mom living with parents just trying to get by right now. I am a God fearing woman and love life.

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