9/11 Conspiracy Theories

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Look a little deeper.

9/11 Conspiracy Theories

I want to say that I don't mean any disrespect to any victim, or their families. I just want to share all sides, these are all just theories.

The main theory is that George Bush, and all his people knew about it, and maybe had even been in on it. Some believe that even though they may not have planned it, there were people in the Bush administration who knew that there was a terror attack being planned. If the government was in on it they wanted a reason to go to war with Iraq and Afghanistan. One of the main reasons people think it was an inside job was the twin towers came down like a controlled demolition. People said they heard explosions before the planes hit, and some said it looked like there were explosions when the towers were coming down. The buildings falling were also too fast, and the dust samples tested positive for TNT.

It is also believed that there was no plane that flew into the Pentagon. The hole was too small, and no-one saw a plane. The size of the hole looked more like a missile. There was also footage of the explosion at the Pentagon, and some people claimed there wasn't a plane in the footage. Speaking about planes not crashing into buildings people we're saying that the planes that crashed into the towers looked like they glitched, and again people said that the hole looked too small. The twin towers were insured and reinforced for situations like 9/11. The people who reinforced the towers said there's no way an airplane could go into the building like they did on 9/11.

They also believed that it was suspicious that the Vice President was whisked away to safety, but not the President. The President also claimed that he saw the first plane hit the towers, but they after said that couldn't be true.

There were also questions about how could the passengers used their phones during a flight in 2001. Also the passengers on the flight that crashed in the field called their family, and used their full names.

There's two theories about what happened to the plane in Pennsylvania, and how there wasn't that much debris from the plane. One theory was that it was landed safely and either people were killed, or they're being kept somewhere. The other theory was that the plane was shot down. People saw a military plane fly away right after the plane went down. They also said they saw debris miles away.

Two of the hijackers' passports were found, one was at the airport, and the other was in the rubble in New York. The passport in the rubble wasn't damaged, it looked like someone had placed it there.

One theory is that the military airplanes were told to stand down. This one is hard to figure out, because if they were told to stand down then people wouldn't have seen a military plane fly by in Pennsylvania. But, on the other hand, maybe they were told to stand down at certain times and places.

Some of these can be explained away, or they have perfectly good counter arguments. I don't think a President would do something to let a terror attack happen. They also wouldn't put people at risk like this. I can not explain the sound or look of bombs, and the presence of TNT. I also can't explain the planes not being there theories.

The President wasn't taken to safety probably because they didn't want to freak people out, and cause any kind of panic. I can't explain the theory about the phone calls, I don't know much about what went on with the phone calls, so I can't explain it. When it comes to the plane in Pennsylvania (flight 93) I do believe the shot down theory. I believe they wanted to stop other attacks. If it landed safely, the theory that the passengers were kept somewhere safe makes more sense. How and where the passports were found makes no sense. I think the military planes were told to stand down at a certain point, because the planes were either lost or already crashed.

I hope you enjoyed this article, and as always look a little deep into this if it interests you.

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Lena Bailey
Lena Bailey
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