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5 of the Weirdest Disappearances in 2022

Where Did They Go?

By Author Eve S EvansPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

In 2022, five people disappeared without a trace in five different countries around the world. Their disappearances were all Weird, Unusual, and Unsolved.

The missing persons were:

1. A woman who disappeared while on a solo hike in the Alps

2. A man who disappeared while scuba diving off the coast of Australia

3. A woman who disappeared while on a safari in Africa

4. A man who disappeared while trekking in the Himalayas

5. A woman who disappeared while on a cruise in the Caribbean

What happened to these people? Where did they go?

What We Know About The Solo Hiker Who Disappeared In The Alps

In July of 2022, a woman disappeared while on a solo hike in the Alps. She was last seen at her campsite, and her hiking gear was found there as well.

A search was conducted, but no trace of the woman was found. She is presumed to have fallen victim to an accident or to the elements.

This is a tragic story, but it is not an uncommon one. In the Alps, there are many cases of hikers disappearing without a trace. Some are found years later, but many are never found.

If you are planning on hiking in the Alps, be sure to take the necessary precautions. Let someone know where you are going and when you expect to return. Bring plenty of food and water, and be prepared for the worst.

What Happened To The Man Who Disappeared While Scuba Diving In Australia?

In January of 2022, a man disappeared while scuba diving off the coast of Australia. His body was never found, and the official search for him was called off after two weeks. The man’s wife, who was pregnant at the time of his disappearance, gave birth to a baby girl seven months later.

The man’s disappearance remains a mystery, and his wife has never given up hope that he is still alive. She believes he was taken by a sea creature and is living in an underwater world. She has even hired a private investigator to try to find her husband, but so far there has been no luck.

The case of the man who disappeared while scuba diving off the coast of Australia is one of the most mystifying unsolved cases in recent years.

The Strange Case of the Woman Who Disappeared in Africa

In January of 2022, a woman who was on a safari in Africa vanished without a trace. Her disappearance sparked a massive search effort that turned up no clues as to her whereabouts. The woman’s family hired a team of private investigators to look into the matter, but they too were unable to find any answers.

The case remained unsolved for months, until finally, in October of that same year, the woman’s body was found in a remote part of the African jungle. Authorities determined that she had died of exposure and that her body had been partially eaten by animals.

The woman’s family was devastated by her death, but they were also relieved to finally have closure on the matter.

The Unsolved Mystery of the Man Who Disappeared While Trekking in the Himalayas

In October 2022, a man named Steve Fossett disappeared while trekking in the Himalayas. He was last seen alive on October 8th, and his body was found on October 26th. The cause of death was determined to be exposure to the elements.

Fossett was an experienced mountaineer and had summited many of the world’s tallest mountains. He was also an accomplished pilot and had set over 100 world records.

Fossett’s disappearance sparked a massive search effort, but despite the efforts of hundreds of people, his body was not found until almost three weeks later.

The Steve Fossett Foundation was established in his memory and provides financial support to search and rescue teams around the world.

What Happened to the Woman Who Disappeared While on a Cruise in the Caribbean?

In January 2022, a woman disappeared while on a cruise in the Caribbean. The woman, who was in her early twenties, was last seen by her cabin mate early in the morning as she left to go on a walk on the deck of the ship. When the woman failed to return to her cabin, her cabin mate reported her missing to the ship’s staff. A search of the ship and the surrounding area was conducted, but the woman was nowhere to be found.

The woman’s disappearance remains a mystery, and her case is still open.

In conclusion, the five disappearances in 2022 were all very strange. In each case, the person simply vanished without a trace. There were no witnesses and no clues as to where they might have gone. Theories abound, but the truth is that no one knows what happened to these people. If you want to stay up-to-date on the latest strange disappearances, follow this blog and leave a comment with your thoughts on each.

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