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28 Rajab Islamic month of Imam Hussain as

Rajab the month of Imam Hussain as departure

By Tamseel HussainPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Karbala Iraq my heart

Today, 28 Rajab the sorrowful day, The day where Imam Hussain has started his journey to Iraq (Karbala), departed from Makkah (Arab). The first thing Imam Hussain as did was went on the graves of his parents Imam Ali as, Syeda Fatima Zahra Sa, and his grandfather Hazrat Muhammad SAAWW. The reason of Imam Hussain as departure was the several letters from Kufa’s people, saying Imam we want your guidance. People Like Yazid, plan to kill Imam Hussain as and his family.

Imam Hussain as, got to his sister's home and said, get ready Lady Zainab sa, our journey to Karbala has started, and your journey to Shaam (Syria), the shops of Kufa without hijab has started. People will torture us. Imam Hussain as did not take Lady Sughra, she was ill, Lady Sughra is daughter of Imam Hussain as. Whenever there was problem it will go to their uncle Abbas as, Abbas as came to Sughra and promised Sughra sa, we will come back.

When Imam Hussain as arrived to Karbala at 2nd Muharram, Imam Hussain as horse stop by itself. Then Imam Hussain as knew what the horse meant, this is the place. Imam Hussain as asked people what place this is called, someone said Naynavah, someone said Taff, then someone said ghadiyarat, When someone said it Karbala. Imam Hussain as buy the land and the water Europhrates.

Then on 3rd Muharram Umar ibn Saad people arrive. This is the journey of karbala, how imam spend several months going to help, and in return his family got slaughtered, and killed. The journey of Bibi Syeda Zainab SA was to most hard, when all of her family members died. Her scarf has been taken off her head, she used dust to cover her head. When Imam Hussain as died, he said to Lady Zainab Sa to take care of Sakina SA, and remember me in your namaz e shab (prayer).

On 10th Muharram this whole event happened, at that night Lady Zainab was forced to go to Kufa and shaam, she counted the children. When she counted the children she found Sakina sa was not there, she went outside the tents, and found on a dead body, sakina sa was sleeping on chest. Zainab Sa said Oh Sakina sa, how do you know this is Hussain as, how do you know this is your father and my brother, Sakina sa said my father had chest like this, I always slept on his chest, please last time again let me sleep.

When Sakina sa went to Syria, she was in a cave and it was so small and dark she alone lived in it. When ever she remembered her father she cried, once Sakina sa cried louder, Yazid and his people said send Sakina sa the dead head of Imam Hussain as. The door opened, sakina stand up, and she tought in the tray was food, she said I do not want to eat food, then Yazid's people said, You wanted your fathers head, so here it is. When sakina saw the head of Imam Hussain as she took in her lap, and fainted, later Zainab Sa was in another cave, she said I can't here Sakina's voice. Her brother Sajjad as also said I can't hear sakina's voice, Zainab went to Sakina sa, and saw she died.

Imam Hussain as journey to Karbala was to tell there is only One God, How could bow down to the one who can't even talk. How could you bow down to one you made from your own hands, God is One Allah. Allah makes Messangers and Imam's.

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Asalam O Alaikya Ya Aba Abdullah Hussan as


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