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12 Reasons Why I Invested In a Security System

Are Home Security Systems Worth The Investment?

12 Reasons Why I Invested In a Security System
Home Security Camera

Why invest in a home security system? Is this a worthy investment? Here is a list of pros vs cons as to why you might consider the investment.

After purchasing a beautiful home and went through the introductory phase with my immediate neighbors was completed, I began the process of making my house into a home. Reflecting on the closing meeting with the prior owner and agents at the bank. I had in the back of my mind the previous owners behavior at the time. I found it odd at the closing, that the prior owner displayed crocodile tears every time I had asked her a question about the property. Then, would displayed joy the next moment. Little did I know that was a prelude to what was coming.

After about a year and settled into life, the immediate neighbors on both sides of my home became more pronounced. (1)Next thing I had seen was the granddaughter boldly opened the mailbox flap on my door a few different times, as well as going into the attached side mailbox on a railing. Enjoying a day off and looking forward to spending time cleaning, watering and gardening, I had everything laid out in segments from my garage, down the driveway to the front yard. (2) Next thing I know, a neighbor popped opened their garage door, I took that as a ‘que’ to rush to my garage just in time to see the granddaughter hasten her pace back to their property, hiding something on her side. She made it to their front door and her aunt said to her “Oh, we don’t steal!” (3) My garage door openers disappeared out of my locked vehicle over time. (4) I noticed that I would unlock my car if I was carrying a lot of stuff, then, I heard it lock again as I approached the door to opened it. My key fob was clearly in my pockets so I could carry things. (Someone has a fob that has the same frequency as mine to lock/unlock my car, at will. The car dealership said it would be about $500 to replace the locks.) (5) The air in specific tires were let out on a regular basis and left just a fraction above having a flat to make to put air back in the tires. (6) Scrubbing off the stuck egg shells off a side screen window and (7) a patio window entirely cracked into a million pieces held together by the frame.

One late night while sleeping on the couch, something woke me out of a deep sleep and (8) I notice a flickering shadow of someone at the top of my window looking in; it looked like the grandfather next door standing on top of a stool or something, making a dash back to his house before I could get to the door.

(9) Coming home a few times after work, I noticed my locks on my door were unlocked, and my (Had the locks changed.) (10) Turned on my porch light in the afternoon. I knew after getting out of my car and approaching my front door I had noticed something was different. I heard movement and had seen a group of teens in the shadows at the other end of my house and the porch light was broken.

In my back yard, I noticed some material sticking out of something near my patio room. (11) So investigated and there was a backpack and a blanket arranged almost out of sight. I picked up everything and placed it up front in the center of my front yard and waited to see who was going to pick it up. The next day, I looked out and it was gone out of the front yard planter.

Really late night, (12) there were a few people on my front porch involved in doing something, and the authorities were called to arrive from the other side to break it up. They had arrived fairly quickly and chased them off my porch.

PROS: To have invested in a security system, absolutely cuts down on the negative behavior for the times that we are living in.

CONS: It is unfortunate that we HAVE to spend money on this; because of the times we are living in. After spending money to repair, replace, and such...I decided it was time to either get another dog or have a security system installed. (It is a must to do your homework on security systems as well. That is another article for another time.)

I communicated with the authorities, filled out reports and communications with the other neighbors that had seen who, what, where and when some of theses things had occurred.

I communicated to my immediate neighbors to stay off my property, once again. They became offended and they feel that I am not a friendly neighbor. It is possible to be a good neighbor and be respectful to other people’s property. If you have young people whom you are raising, teach them about respect instead of this other behavior. If your not sure or haven’t been taught respect, learn from others in community organizations or from other neighbors that can, please. This applies to any community, spacing and housing. Unless you are paying the bills in those spaces and your name is on the properties that is your choice to do what you want to do to it (to a certain extent though) but not someone else’s property. It becomes a nuisance situation and more. Being respectful to others should be brought into the times we are in now. I’m not saying that everyone is doing that but there are enough to the point where it’s getting out of hand.

I added additional security cameras outside for that purpose only.

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Pamela Weaver
Pamela Weaver
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