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Yupp, My White tee.

by Anthony Tenacious 5 months ago in Bad habits
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Why are they so judgmental??

People have their weird reasons for why they do things.

I generally don't ask why. Simply because I really don't want to know. I just mind my own business and no one else's is important to me unless they are paying me to be in their business. People judge me because I wear white shirts and black shirts. I have my own reasons why I do things and it's probably alot different from most people.

I've been able to reach the professional level with my music. I've been able to travel around the world and meet some really cool people. Through your journey you will learn alot of things. I aim to learn something new every day. Hopefully some infomation that will lead me closer to my dreams and goals.

I live in a world where I'm ultimately supported by the things that I create. I'm always in a space where I'm thinking and wondering things, if its something I don't know I usually go to my computer and do lots of research online. I'll make something then share it with as many people as I possibly can. As fast as I can through marketing. Hoping that people will buy, or at least view what I have letting me know hey this is interesting.

I wear white shirts because it's a canvas to create. You can do anything with white. You can add color you can add lines. You can cut holes in it. You can make a design with the food that you eat cause you didn't learn how to properly feed yourself so you spill stuff. At I'm at the point nowadays where I'm like if its not paying me, I'm not doing it. My time is too valuable simply because its limited and no one knows exactly how long we have to live So I want more money so I can do more of the things I like doing. I can't exactly say what it is that I like doing its just a matter of how I feel at the current moment. Everything that we do in life inspires our thoughts our interest. Every interaction changes things. I ultimatly like what I have going right now so theres no reason to change.

Most people believe when they see me wearing a white tee I'm taking a lazy day but realistically it's when I'm working the hardest because not only am I doing the task at hand I'm also thinking of a design I wish to see on my shirt as I look down and notice I Have pizza sause on my shirt from speghetti that I recently ate. Actually I didn't eat it I made plates for the kids. I wish I could use emoji in this I would use that one where the guy has his hands up shrugging his shoulders. Oh well...

When you wear shirts with designs on them from other brands the part people don't realize is that they are marketing for that brand. You are telling everyone from friends to family to strangers that designer makes awesome stuff and you should go buy it because I bought it. What alot of people don't know is some if not all of these brands will actually pay you to wear their stuff. You just have to be a person who can tell 100k or more people in a calendar month on a regular basis. Helping the brand reach more people then they would've reach on their own. Because us as individuals will reach and individual crowd of people that only we can reach.

When I wear black is when I'm usually trying to take a lazy day everything is already filled and you can't change it. Unless you paint it then you've gotta wear a hard shirt which will probably be uncomfortable in hot and cold temperatures. I wouldn't want cold paint touching my skin. OOOhhh how I hate the cold. I can not stand being cold for not even a short period of time. The thing the body has to do to try to warm it's self up is so irritating.

When you go to the store and you see that shirt hanging on the rack remember your paying someone for their creation. Figure out how to get someone to pay you for yours.

Talk soon:)

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