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Welcome Back Writer

by Samantha Jamison 3 months ago in Bad habits
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How and Why I Began Writing Again

Welcome Back Writer
Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

For years, I’ve been talking about finally getting back into writing. Truth be told, I haven’t been writing since I graduated from college in 2018. During that time, I had so many writing projects that needed to be completed for classes, plus having to read my classmates stories and writing constructive criticism back to them. Did I love it? Not really. School work, you know? But when I graduated, and it was all over, and I really didn’t need to be worrying about anything but living?! I said, “screw writing!” and just stopped completely. After a while, I began to miss the feeling of typing out a story that’s due in less than an hour. The feeling of completing a writing project and the satisfaction I felt when reading a good story that I had written.

And so then, I began telling myself: “today is the day! I’m going to write something new!” and I never did. And now 4 years later I am filled with regret at not holding myself to those words and making a commitment to continue to write. I’ve been telling people for years that “I am a writer,” but I don’t feel that I am anymore. They say writer’s write every day and that just has not been me. But now I really want to change that. I want to be able to actually call myself a writer. I want to write!

Even right now, the feeling I have at writing this piece alone is exilerating and fulfilling. I am excited to begin my writer's journey again; creating new places and characters. Sharing my experiences with life, activities and places. The world of a writer can be a wonderful and scary endeavor. One that I am excited to be experiencing again.

And so here I am. Writing to you and telling you that I am back, and I am going to write.

By Aaron Burden on Unsplash

I’ve had Vocal for about a year now and have yet to publish anything. Every month, I say I’m going to write a story and post it, or I’m going to enter one of the challenges, but stop myself because: what if it’s not good enough? What if no one reads anything I ever post? I’m letting my fears stop me from accomplish anything because I’m afraid of not being good enough or even good at all.

But I cannot let my fears hold me back anymore. Who cares if someone doesn't like what they've just read? It is a right of passage! We all go through attempting to read something that's bad only to find ourselves liking it a little for some reason (The Twilight Saga, am I right?). So here we go. Here I go. I do hope to build something here on Vocal. Whether it's my confidence or my writing skills.

So, I chose Vocal as my first place to publish because I like the community. I’ve seen hundreds, thousands of articles that are so relatable, so helpful, and so inspiring that it truly has brought me to a place where I actually feel comfortable publishing my pieces, whatever they may be and just getting out there as a writer. Because if I don’t do it now, will I ever? I guess another reason I came here is because I feel like I need a little “writer-to-writer” encouragement. We all struggle with our writing in one way or another and as writers, we need to help lift each other up and encourage each other to just get going.

And so, here is my little push for you:

By Brett Jordan on Unsplash


Because isn’t that the beginning of it all? Just start and don’t let your fingers leave that keyboard or let that pen lift from the paper. “Keep on keepin’ on,” “Do or do not; there is no try.” All that good stuff. YOU’VE GOT THIS.

Bad habits

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Samantha Jamison

I'm back into writing and can't wait to get some stories that have been moving around in my head. I love to write fiction and I love to journal. My hopes are to become a better writer and avid reader. I love wine and cats.

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  • Léa Smith about 15 hours ago

    This is so very relatable! Thanks for sharing.

  • Great motivational piece! I hope writing has been good to you. I've only been here since July, but have met some wonderful writers and written for a lot of challenges. I don't write in the challenges to win, but to see if I can come up with something good. LOL! If you ever do decide to write for the challenges, there's a Facebook group for them called Incantations. I'd love to see you there! Also there's a group called Vocal assist+ on there that I am enjoying. We have writing games and little challenges and share each other's work. Anyway, best of luck to you!

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