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The fate

The happiest moment is to meet you

By Shao LinPublished about a year ago 5 min read

Life is alive, vegetation a autumn. Blink, blink, blink, blink. You and I are light as clouds and dust. but

It is the countless little you and I that light up the lights and light up the whole world. The life and death of this world, the glory and the

Shame, prosperity and decline, never let a person can not control, but we will not have time, not their own, keep the grass, keep

With the cloud water, deducing the legend of generation after generation.

We all the way with love, foot on all things, a swan song, floating dust! Maybe, you and I were hundreds

Years ago, a grass, a flower, a grain of dust, after several incarnations of the transformation into this life of relatives, friends,

Love... Maybe we're just honoring a covenant from a past life. Maybe, after a hundred years, you and I will melt again

For the world's creatures, waiting between heaven and earth, looking at each other, speechless. But you and I are on the same wavelength,

Sweet green leaves, guarding the world a blooming time!

In this world, there is a meeting called fate. If there is fate, you will meet the month, running light, in life

Meet at a fork in the road, and then quietly leave. Like a white snow pear, gently blown down by the wind, as if

Never dyed with any color by time, always simple and elegant clean.

Some people, in your life, walk away, walk away, turn around is the moment, parting

Already is the end of the world. Some people, like in your world to hit the horse, walk like spring breeze brush face, never leave a trace

A mark. Some people, walking is like the waves, let you pain, like a thorn in your heart, how

Do you dial also dial out, leaving only shallow light scars, perhaps, is missing; Perhaps, it is resentment; Maybe, it's just


No matter what, I am still grateful, maybe you and I are just in the misty rain lane of life, waterside pavilion pavilion

The encounter of flowers, a love of water. Thank you, have come to my world, not surprised, not disturbed!

If there is fate, there will always be a person, even if the mountains and rivers, after countless hardships, will go to you

And come; If there is fate, there will always be a person, even through thousands of people, through the beautiful flowers, will also stand in

On the corridor bridge of time, there is no early step, no late step, just to meet and know you in the most beautiful season,

With you in the bronze mirror of time outline a perfect circle.

I'm lucky, this life in the most beautiful time to meet you. Zhang Ailing said, because of love, so mercy. Because understand

Okay, so forgive. There is always a person, even if the whole world does not love you, will be for you low eyebrow, for you

Tears, leave a warm lamp for you, silently guard beside you, in the light of time, accompany you to see the grass long warbler

Fly, accompany you to count scattered stars!

Because of fate, you and I live together with the same practice, see with the same knowledge, rely on each other, mutual warmth. Born to die rich, and son

Lin said. Hold your hand and grow old with your son. Love, the longest confession of love, is not thousands of words "I love you", nor is it spring

Flower autumn moon before the pledge of eternal love, as the universe. But is willing to use its life time to accompany you, to tolerate you!

Even in empty days, also will use love to water, to caress attentively, for flower, you grow a voluptuous 㶷


"Ten years of life and death two boundless, do not think, since unforgettable. Thousands of miles lonely grave, nowhere to say sad. Even if meet should not

Knowledge, dust face, temples such as frost. If this life, you and I meet a person who is willing to accompany their life, that

Do you, please hold the happiness in your hands now, cherish each other, don't wait to lose, then sad......

Unfortunately, the world is not all fate come just right, in the right season you and I meet. it

For example, when Xu Zhimo met Lin Zhengyin, he wrote, "Gently I am leaving, as gently as I came; I gently wave my hand and make

Leave the clouds in the west..." A farewell to Cambridge out of endless thoughts, but because it is a triangle of love, have to

To let go. And Eileen Chang met Hu Lancheng, a literary traitor, and wrote in her letter: "I become very low in front of you

Low, low to the dust. But my heart is like, from the dust out of the flowers."

How humble, often when a person meets a love, then how proud, indifferent. It's going to be very low

Low, become tender and affectionate. Although two years later, after all, two people or wild geese fly, each rush for things. As the sky cui

The e fireworks, after blooming only thin cool. Perhaps, they meet each other, just to come to the world to tell us

A story, write down a paragraph of text, play a melody! In the world, not all fate and feelings can

Repair the fruit, together for life. But they are like a stone cast in your heart lake, hanging layer upon layer of light, even if short

Temporarily, still also shimmering, glittering and translucent twinkling!

Yeah! The fate of life is so wonderful, like a cloud and birds meet, unexpected. brow

Sliding time, like the mountain stream flowing spring, gentle and soft. And you and I, like the flying maple leaves,

Meet and fall, quiet and beautiful, till the earth. If there is fate, this life you and I are destined to be in the time

Meet each other at the ferry, if separated, please say "treasure" to each other in the quiet dream I built.


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