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Salt instead of sugar

by Aisha El-amin 8 months ago in Embarrassment

attention achieved forever remembered

Salt instead of sugar
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Salt instead of Sugar

At the age of fourteen, I had my first real crush, and I say real because I have had month crushes, week crushes, and day crushes but these were all very short duration and not memorable at all. This crush, my real crush lasted until I found my husband which was not my crush, and it was only when I found my husband that I realized it was just a crush and not love. I went to a private school run by mostly my family members. Two of my sisters had Bachelor of Education degrees and were teachers at my school. My Mother's best friend was my teacher, and a couple of other adults I have known since I was a toddler .were teachers, all of which had bachelor's and master’s degrees in education, and had wanted better for their kids, and the kids of their friends. That is how the school got started and my brother in law was the principal. So, I went there, and it was great, amazing, and I learned and enjoyed my environment. I had my crushes for the short duration that I had them until that one day when a teacher who I admired husband came up to the school. She was a young teacher around 22 or 23 and I was 14. That day I volunteered to watch her class, while she went to make xerox copies for her class up the hall. I was pretending I was the teacher for that day and was reading to the kids, and he walked in. It was a crush at first sight. He walked into the room and ask where his wife was, I forgot how to speak my words made no sense and I was drooling, before I could make a fool out of myself, She came back, I went back to focusing on the little kids trying to act like I was mature, but laughing at things that was not even funny. so after that happened everything went back to normal, and I went to her class as much as I could in hopes to get a glimpse of him. It made my day if I saw him or if he said hello. The teacher whose husband I had a crush on had a writing contest. I love poetry so I decided to enter, and she said she would help me with my sentence structure and punctuation. she was not one of the judges, so it was ok. she invited me to her house on a Saturday. Saturday came, and I went hoping to see him but when I got there he was not there, and she sat me down at the computer and told me to let my hands and my heart guide me. I chose to write about my birth mom who gave me and my sisters away out of love for us because she was an alcoholic. While I was writing she was doing her exercises and we chatted in between. Thirty minutes later she said she was going bike riding and would not be gone long. At this point, I had forgotten about her husband and was focused on my writing. A little while later I heard the key in the door and was thinking wow, that was quick, but paid it no mind until he spoke, I froze like I was an intruder and was caught red-handed. So, he spoke again first greeting me, which I did not greet back, then asking about his wife’s whereabouts. he was a jokester and asked if I kidnapped her, but I literally could not speak as I was trying to gather my thoughts of how to reply so it would not be a repeat of our first meeting. His wife walked through the door, Needless to say, I wanted to get out of there as soon as I could, I quickly finished writing, lost my train of thought, and wrote a poem about love in the middle of my story that was not related to my mom at all. When I was done, I told her I was finished, and she told me to leave the computer open and she would proofread it and save it so I could make the correct adjustments later. My crush commented that he thought I was a mute and said other things to make us laugh. He was very funny, and that was another thing that had me crushing hard. Was that he made me laugh. He said to me, so now that I know you can talk its ok to speak and that he was not like a murder or something. His wife then asked him to take me home. I was thinking in my head, bad idea, please do not let him take me home, I cannot be in the car with him, It is not a good idea, I am in love with your husband lady. They were going back and forth about what he wanted for dinner and other things. She said she would drop me off because she had to run to the store. relief washed over me, and by the way, I adored, admired, and looked up to his wife so much, but her husband was a beautiful man like super beautiful long eyelashes, dark eyes, curly hair, tall, muscular as he was in the army or marines, I do not remember which, so as time went on, I decided that he was the one that I could live life, having a crush, and my world would be perfectly great. Anyway we used to go camping two to three times during the summer with family and families of most of the teachers at the school it was amazing, then one camping trips they were there and their tent was right beside, talk about pressure, I had to make sure I looked nice, and just did everything correct, as I didn’t want to get embarrassed. We watched movies at their campsite, and as they were all watching movies, I literally stared at him trying to engrain his face in my memory, and other silly things like that. When he asked me to take a picture of them most of the pictures were only of him, I was trying to focus the camera, but I just kept focusing on him, therefore, that is how the picture turned out, with just him being in the frame. One of the times we went camping, I played cards in the tent with his wife, and he was somewhere else, but I was so happy, because I was in the tent where he slept. So, as we were playing cards he came in, and he was wet, and I mean soaked, so I saw all the muscles, he asked me, if his wife was being nice, because he would put her out if she wasn’t, I laughed, and was about to leave, as I was walking away, he called me over to his car and gave me a whole bottle of soda, that was it, in my mind we were a couple, and that was my dowry. Everything went back to normal after the summer. I went back to school and I used to spend the weekend over my sister house. One weekend I stayed over, my sister told me they were having guess, so we clean the house and prepared food for the guess, at 7 pm they came, and it was my crush and his wife, and she was pregnant. I ran in the kitchen, with my back against the refrigerator, and slid to the floor, my stomach was full of butterflies, and my mind was all in a knot, I could not stop smiling, and I could not focus, my sister was laughing as she knew about my crush. When dinner was over, I was still very hungry, because I literally nibbled my food and didn’t dig in as I would usually, because I felt I chewed weird, and was afraid of him being the jokester he was, would make a joke, so after dinner my sister and my crushes wife went to chill in the kitchen, and my brother in law and my crush went in the living room, and my brother in law asked me to make them two cups of milk tea, I was so happy, this was my chance to impress. I got the two teacups and poured in boiled water, put in the tea bags added the milk, and the sugar. I wanted it to be sweet so I put 2 table spoons of sugar in, and took it to them, he thanked me , and said I was so sweet, I ran back to the kitchen with my hand over my heart, smiling so hard. A minute later my brother in law called me, and I thought they were so impressed that they gulped it down, and wanted more, but to my shock, and embarrassment, “he asked” was it a new recipe, and they both laughed, while rinsing their mouth with water. I went to the kitchen to see what kind of tea it was, and realized I used salt instead of sugar, so I went back, with my face super red from embarrassment, and told them I thought the salt was sugar, and apologized, remade it correctly and they loved it, but after that day if I made tea or anything, especially at camping, it became the running joke of, remember to use sugar. Needless to say, even though I wanted to be noticed by him, and was, it was because I used salt instead of sugar. To this day, he calls me his family, and even signed as a witness on my marriage certificate, and the reason was because I used salt instead of sugar.


Aisha El-amin

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Aisha El-amin
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