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Rolly Polly, Broken

The quad that isent the same

By finntasha burgessPublished 11 months ago 3 min read

As of 19 years of age, i have a job at my parents dairy farm with the herd we are milking at the moment a total of 208 cows, so on the farm i often use a quad bike to get home and out on the farm i use it everyday. So this story is about a quad bike and how it flipped and rolled down a hill.

The quad bike i was using at the time of the accident was a little 420 which is the name it goes by, because that's the size of its motor.

I had been told that day to set up a fence using standards and a reel, I was supposed to split the hill in half. Start at the top and work my way down. Keep in mind, this is a fence i had never done by myself i had usually just put the standards in while dad drove the reel down, the day i was told to do it, the weather was quite cold and the day before it had been raining so the grass was still slippery.

So I had started putting the fence up and then as i drove down, the hill i stopped the bike, i turned it off and grabbed a standard to put it in the ground, leaving thinking that the bike was in a safe, not taking in to account that yes the grass was slippery and the angle i had parked it on was not exactly straight.

So when i had got off the bike and turned around to put in the standard, next thing i see the bike had taken off the hill, its was flipping and crashing its way right till there was no more hill left for it to move.

Seriously it was like watching something out of a movie or one of those stupid youtubers who purposely trash there bikes for the likes. But trust me this was an accident haha.

so ran home to get dad who was on the digger, when i got there i told him what had happened and he couldn't believe me, i quote myself i told him " it just didnt stop rolling "

so dad got his bike and he gave me a ride to where my bike had stopped and the quad was completely broken, the plastics were all bent and out of place, the handle bars were bent over from the amount of flips it had done but amazingly it was still able to turn on and after a play it could turn on.

Then dad towed it up the hill with his bike and a chain as i very slowly drove it home.

When we got there dad was able to fix some of the damage so it was drive able for me to get the milking herd of cows in that afternoon.

As i carried on using it, the more it kept falling apart the brakes wouldnt work and the case rode up so much the bike ended up looking like a toddler that got stuck halfway through trying to get his shirt off.

About six weeks later, i got a new quad so the 420 ( name of the old crashed bike ) sits in the paddock now, only being able to use it in emergency's as in the other quads are not around ) now when i am told to split that paddock in half for when its re grows i am able to complete the split it with being able to walk up and down it.

thank you everyone who reads this, hope you enjoyed


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