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Ouija Board, Ouija Board and a Non Seance

A Teenage Tale

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Ouija Board

In the late nineteen fifties my mum and dad bought three derelict cottages, which had been ransacked by nomarks who had used the doors and floorboards for firewood, but they knocked them together and built a decent family home, although the original dwellings dated back to the sixteen hundreds..

I grew up there with my mum and dad and brother and sister and being away from estates, we read lots and let our imaginations run wild.

Now all this is based on my very dubious memories so apologies for anything that seems untrue or ludicrous, but am doing this due to a small prod from a Vocal friend.

My dad got hold of a very old book on Preston which mentioned that Oliver Cromwell had stayed in some cottages near here which may have been “Fiddlers Fold” our house , although it was unclear whether that was certain.

But up til the end of the seventies when I left home extensions and improvements were always ongoing.

So to the point of this , our house became quite big and there were instances of “supernatural” events occurring which probably had rational explanations , like the time I was home alone and heard our dog Simba wandering round upstairs opening doors and then half an hour later barking at the front door to be let in.

There were unexplained candles in trees and lots of odd things happening but we were all capable of setting up things like that. My mum said she once heard someone walking downstairs but it never stopped and then a cowled monk walked through the kitchen and out through the closed back door.. I once thought I saw someone standing by my window one stormy night and then a window that was painted shut flew open and smashed.

So there were a group of lads and girls and we would gather round the big kitchen table to drink , play cards and sometimes darts (the kitchen was big enough) with the odd Party Seven and other drinks and cigarettes, though I never smoked cigarettes but partook in the odd spliff.

One day a Ouija Board appeared and like all teenagers do we decided to give it a go and some really strange things came out. It was also during a power cut so we just had candles and torches for light. It told us there were two Monks , Father and Son both called Edward Young ,who had been murdered by Oliver Cromwell's men by drowning them in the well. We had no well. So that was probably made up by someone pushing the planchette harder than the rest.

One other thing was hidden treasure at a specific place in the attic. This was something else we checked up once we had power back , and sure enough we found a box where the treasure was supposed to be , but it was empty. So had the board worked. I'm not sure.

I think we checked up the monks’ story but were unable to verify it.

So we had very little to show (nothing) from our Ouija Board Non Seance.

My mum was very unhappy that we had used the Ouija Board so it disappeared and we never used it again, but…

The following year we started another extension at the back of the house and started digging the foundations and discovered an old stone well. The well had a little water and no bodies , but it actually existed, so there may have been something to the Ouija Board after all.

The lead in music is “Ouija Board, Ouija Board” by Morrisey, I don’t have any time for the man put some of his music is still good.

Teenage years

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  • Randy Wayne Jellison-Knock9 months ago

    Strange happenings are so much fun to ponder & share. When I was six I was using the bathroom. You could hear what was happening in the basement through the furnace vents & I heard the piano playing. But the only one who played at anywhere near that level (& still far from it) was mom, who I knew was in the kitchen. I tidied up as quickly as I could & rushed downstairs. The playing continued until I opened the bathroom door. No one in the basement. Mom, still in the kitchen, swore she hadn't been downstairs playing the piano. Six years later, at the age of twelve, the exact same thing happened. In my teens, I happened to be using the bathroom in the basement, right next to the room with the piano. Once again, as clear as a bell, the piano was being played (quite beautifully). I didn't think anyone else was in the basement, so I tidied up quickly again & ran to check it out. The piano playing continued until I opened the door. At that point, there was no other way out of the basement but past me, nor anywhere else to hide but in one other room, the doorway to which was directly in front of me. No one else was in the basement. I walked in toward the piano (which at that time was also the bedroom I shared with my older brother). The piano was an old upright with a mirror across the front of it where one would place the music. I stared into it, trying to figure out what was going on. As I stood there, I saw out of the corner of my eye & reflected in the mirror a young boy of probably around 8-10 years of age standing in the doorway behind me dressed in colonial blue. As soon as I looked straight at him in the mirror, he was gone. It was only for a moment that I saw him & it made no sense. The house was only something like 40 years old at the time, located in Watertown, South Dakota. Not exactly something that would suggest a young colonial boy had ever lived anywhere near there. But to this day I cannot deny it. The piano played & there was no one else there. Whether or not you believe it is immaterial to me. I know that I can't prove it to you. But I was there & it happened to me.

  • Russell Ormsby 2 years ago

    Good job my friend. Captivating. The straight forward and relaxed style you expressed the events in this story. As if to say these are the facts as I know it, take it or leave it if you believe it or not, I don't care. Which makes the tale very believable and interesting.👍

  • Whoaaa, this was so cool! Father and son monks drowned in a non existing well which actually exists. Omggg! Maybe you should get an ouija board now and try 😁

  • J. Delaney-Howe2 years ago

    Spooky story! I'm with your mom, not a fan of oujia boards. Lol.

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