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New Found Glory

by Goosey Q. 5 months ago in Humanity
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Using the aspects of life to forge of path to the future

New Found Glory
Photo by Dulcey Lima on Unsplash

A little tree that’s left behind, not enough green or branch to climb. Words of bloom to give clarity, confusion was running wild while a portion was lost insanity. Communication is key when we don’t get it, keep each other sane so neither of us bends it. Work for our freedom and take pride in our success, reminding us how to never forget. What makes us strong and who we are, the people that touch us and hold pieces of our hearts.

This path upon us that we come to take, realize the truth in the world for us to take. We are older, we are here, younger even, and even queer. Have the will, to stand and fight, develop your craft, develop your might. Your power within that you left aside, show it some love and mercy, to fight those demons inside. Use the strength that’s new and worthy, understand yourself so you can be sturdy. Love your journey, flaws and all, know that some people aren’t needed, for your love, to all. Some people like to stay and never evolve, everyone is tacked, license to fall. Bound by potential and chained to the past, shadows engulf you, your mind will never last.

By Grant Ritchie on Unsplash

Embrace who you are, which have been done before, respect your growth, forgive your youth. Fight for your freedom, use your power for truth, do your own thing with peace of mind, care for others when needed but keep you in mind. No self-centered or narcissistic flare, be your own hero and drive no one to despair.

Keep your head on straight and keep it moving, it’s ok to be naive when you’re just new and grooving. Work to the top, of yourself and your past. Give mercy to your younger self, the one that couldn’t know why. Make them proud and ready to ignite, show them the power they possess, when the world doesn’t really see your light.

By Ian Stauffer on Unsplash

Play your games, go to those parties. Sooner or later, you may not be arriving. No longer care or have opportunities to bear. Take them at the moment because they may not come again unless you know the danger in the mind or the icy pavement. Others may think you are mean or upright, but you can see what they cannot so make sure you’re not uptight. Don’t let get to you, your day, or your life, understand what you did was true and stick to being you.

So what if things go the way they do, because they’re might have something new in the old, that will make the experience way less blue. Keep it simple for you and for me, any details you may see, let them figure it out or send them to Tim buck three. All these jokes and teasing aside, always show respect even when others try to hide. Their own darkness or reality they embrace, for you are stronger than their patronage, for their hate.

By Candice Seplow on Unsplash

Control of mind, body, and soul is a feature that becomes harder than the whole. Mixing things up to keep you intact, making sure you don't lose what you lack. Finishing up what you thought you broke, running into the wall that you already built up. Finding ways to play and stay busy, making a living with the things that made you go through it willingly. Experience love in ways you don't expect, gaining pride in the boundaries that you have met. Interacting with parts of yourself that were dormant inside, working together to love yourself more than the pain that others brought aside. Newfound glory that is deep inside, shall burn like fire in the depths of demise. 


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Goosey Q.

A Portfolio of Written Pieces from Poetry & Reviews, to Positive Affirmations & Mental Health. This page is to Inform, Educate, & Inspire people to take a positive outlook on life while relating to struggles that we have or haven’t faced.

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