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Naomi Judd 1946-2022

The Loss of a Country Music Icon

By Judith JaschaPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Growing up, I never considered myself a Country Music fan. I was a rebel, listening to the Beatles and Aerosmith while my grandparents were listening to Patsy Cline and the Oak Ridge Boys. Most of the time, I would beg my grandmother to let me change the channel when she would watch them on tv. However, when Saturday night arrived, I knew the tv would be glued to one thing, the Grand Ole Opry. Whenever it was on, I would quickly gulp down my dinner so that I could get away from it.

Fast forward a good thirty years, and a funny thing happened. The music that I once thought of as torture music has found a special place in my heart. Now when a country song from the nineties plays on the radio, a smile comes to my face. It brings about a calm peace as I think of a much simpler time, back when my biggest worry was whether I was gonna get the Barbie that I wanted for Christmas.

One of my favorite country artists was the mother-daughter duo known as the Judds. Mother Naomi went from a single mother trying to make ends meet as a nurse, to a successful award winning phenomenon with her daughter Wynona. Their hits included “Grandpa, Tell Me About the Good Ole Days,” “Love Can Build a Bridge,” and “Rockin to the Rhythm of the Rain.” They disbanded in 1991 when Naomi was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. They reunited several times after she recovered, and was preparing to begin a new tour, right after being inducted in the Country Music Hall of Fame.

We were all shocked a couple of weeks again when we heard the news that Naomi Judd had died at the age of 76. It was soon discovered that the cause of death was by suicide. As her fans grieved, we tried to wrap her brain on why. It seemed that she had so much to live for, so why did she decide that she didn’t want to live anymore?

In recent years, there has been a constant growth on the number of suicides each year. More then 700.000 people die by suicide each year. The pandemic and the current economic struggles have made this an even bigger problem. Sometimes there are signs. Perhaps a person has struggled with depression for years, only to feel like there is no hope. Sometimes, there are no signs at all. A person may seem to be happy and in control on the outside, but are secretly masking away feelings of worthlessness. They may be surrounded by people who love and care for them, but can’t shake the feeling that they are all alone in the world.

Naomi Judd had battled with depression for years, since her Hepatitis C diagnosis. She stated how on stage she was all smiles and glitter, and that that was a part of who she was. However, when she went home, she would spend months on the couch, neglecting even the most basic hygiene needs. She reached out for professional help and even wrote a book on her struggles, as well as her hope for the future.

She was vocal about her depression so that she could help others who felt the same way. Sadly, in her pursuit of healing and helping others, she lost herself to this cruel and deceitful disease. From the outside looking in, she had everything to look forward to. It was the day before she was to be celebrated for her contribution to Country Music. Her daughter was with her, she has stated that it was a very on/off day. In the few minutes that it took for her to go out to greet a visitor, it was over, leaving all that loved her asking why.

Naomi Judd was not only a huge talent, but she was also a good person. She brought herself and her children out of poverty to find success and wealth. She also gave to mankind by sharing her own story so that others could find hope and knowledge. We have lost a beautiful person, but in the heartbreak, may we learn from it. And please, if you ever have thoughts of suicide, reach out. You can call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK, or confide in someone you trust. Don't lose hope.


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