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My story

by Chloé Lebel 2 months ago in Humanity
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Why I'm here

My story
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Lately, I've been focusing my attention on how to be more successful and have more money in my pockets. I've spent hours and hours on Youtube trying to find inspiration and I did find it. The only problem was that I couldn't get myself to actually start. Why do you ask? My fears and insecurities took over because I didn't want to fail or lose money or time in the process. This is ironic because being stagnant made me lose both money and time. I thought that the best thing to do was to know everything before starting. Again, ironic because it is almost impossible to know everything before starting something. Mistakes are the best ways to learn and you shouldn't try to avoid doing mistakes. Well, it turned out I always had a new question that popped in my head, so it was a never-ending cycle that was leading me to nothing. To this day I still have over a thousand videos about various topics in the "Watch Later" section of Youtube, so clearly, I could have decided to let my fears take control of my life for many more years. While I'm happy about what I learned, I started to notice the pattern and started to get annoyed by my lack of action. While I still recommend Youtube for any basic knowledge about a topic, say investing or starting a business, at some point, you need to start moving in some direction, otherwise, you may stay stuck for a while the way I did.

Maybe you can relate to this story and if you do, please take action! Your future self will thank you so much for that. You can start simple, by writing a story on a website like I'm doing or filming a Youtube video and starting your own channel or anything really. I hate to break it to you, but you have to do the work because no one is going to do it for you, there are no shortcuts to being successful. It is never too late to start doing something. You can do anything you want and you should, because nobody wants to stay home all day doing nothing. While it's the easy way to live, I think it gets old at some point.

Oh, and by the way, let me introduce myself. My name is Chloé, I am turning 21 on August 27. I live in Canada and my first language is actually French. I am a university student studying Sustainable Development. Well, I'm actually taking a few semesters off, because I am now four months pregnant with my first child and I'm taking this time to raise my child, but also grow as a person.

Another reason why I was scared to start was because of my first language. I was scared that people wouldn't understand what I was saying or writing and that it would ruin my chances of doing what I wanted. Youtube actually helped me a lot with this, because I came across people who had very successful channels but didn't have English as their first language and it gave me the confidence to actually start.

So there it is. This is the story of how I ended up here and how I want to take control of my life. There is so much I want to discuss, both about success and about many other topics, such as the environment, finance and budgeting, organization and so much more. If you want to follow my growth journey and are interested to grow with me, then I suggest you subscribe to my account! I am all for positivity, aspirations, and growth. This whole lifestyle is new to me so let me know if you have any questions, suggestions, feedback, or subject ideas you want me to cover.

Let's take control of our future together!


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Chloé Lebel

If you are interested in self-help, growth, motivation, personal finances, the environment, organization, and more, here is the best community for you. I'm here to inspire you to make the changes that you want for your life!

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