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by Roy Flores 2 months ago in Humanity
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about my homeland

Photo by Christian Mack

It is a small village where people live in harmony with nature. Our village is located in the rural area of Kalinga the heart of Cordillera, part of a mountain province in the Philippines, where it is surrounded by mountains and forests. People can enjoy the fresh air and clean water, and we have a lot of space to do sports and other activities.

Farming and growing livestock are the main source of income. Rice fields, bamboo groves, and fruit-bearing trees are very common.

It is an intentional way of living that aims to create a sustainable community by reducing waste, conserving resources, practicing permaculture and farming methods that are respectful of the earth. Our goal is to live simply so others may simply live.

Like what our ancestors always says our mission is to help the community live more sustainably, more simply, and more happily.

Then the time came, the day that I need to say goodbye to my homeland and flew to Canada for an opportunity. It was really hard for me to leave my homeland and our tribe the place where I was born but I have no choice.

" being a newcomer is hard,"

I've landed in Canada year 2010

Since then I tried to adopt a new life style

My first week in Canada, I felt like I had been dropped into a foreign country that was nothing like my own. There were no familiar faces or places, and everything seemed so strange. It's so difficult to learn a new language too. I also need to find a place to live and get a job. It is important for me to make friends with people who are also from my country so that they can help me out with things like finding an apartment or getting a job. It feels like there are just too many things going on at once, and I can't keep up with them all. It was hard to adjust at first, but over time, I began to feel more at home.

Remind myself that everyone else is feeling the same way at first

Take a deep breath

I've joined people who love helping others and who are trying their best, who have the same passion as me and know what it feels like to be a newcomer.

Today, I have more drive, motivation, and passion, which makes reaching my goals

In life. Already have stable job and my life is way better than before, but I still won't forget the day that I landed In this country as a newcomer and for those people who help me in the hardest times in my life

" I miss my homeland,"

I miss the smell of freshly mowed grass

The rooster crow in the morning, neighbor

Preparing to go to the farm. The cold breeze wind coming to your face while sitting on the hill overlooking the whole village and the city. It feels like your heart will explode from all the beautiful sights around you. There are so many types of fresh food you can see around available to be picked. Catch fish from the river, the back of your neck getting red because of the sun. The sound of my friends and family voices when we reunited while eating together after a hard work on the farm and mountains. The warm embrace of a familiar embrace and smell of home cooking on a Sunday afternoon. At night we sit altogether in a big bonfire telling a lot of different stories, playing gong or gangsa in kalinga it is an instrument, dance in the rhythm of the gong, but most of the time we play guitar and sing a lot of country songs. Sipping a hot coffee, hot fresh milk enjoying the night till the night passes by. That's how simple our life in our tribe in my homeland

I miss my homeland. It's been a long year already since I saw the village were I born and where I came from and if I have given a chance; I want to go back there and live in the same house I lived in when I was young. My home land.


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Roy Flores

Writing has always be a part of my life.It Is a dream,my passion and my hobby that become a reality.

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