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Sulayman Kone

By Sulayman KonePublished 4 months ago 5 min read

the number of men going mgtail is

growing immensely the jewelry business

has experienced a severe decline in

sales because far fewer men are buying

engagement rings and other jewelry for

women as gifts bakeries are making far

fewer wedding cakes and now a large

number of the wedding cakes they make

are for gay weddings Bridal companies

are running out of business the price of

cat food is at an all-time high mgtail

is the future of most men

a strong independent woman I could do

anything and I don't need you

what do you want

can you help me open this

what do you say thank you

Joshua what are your thoughts on mgtow

do you think they have some sense or are

completely unreasonable

I think that Midtown is reasonable I

know that the standard issue feminist

shaming response makes the most noise

but if men choose to avoid marriage and

cohabitation and work to be the best

version of themselves then that is their


women need to attempt to understand why

they need to get so upset about mgtel

men are beings who have built Society if

they now choose to back away it is a

response to how Society has changed

sadly the detractors who dislike mgtow

or feel threatened by it cannot extend

similar literal courtesy to men I mean

the Disposable sex

Joshua some guys got upset when I asked

this question and told me to leave it

alone but I just want to know is mgtow a

woman hating thing or is it just a thing

where men keep away from women

there can be misogynists in mgtow but

mgtow itself isn't misogynistic it's not

a thing designed for men to keep men

away from women as much as keep them

away from the system that heavily favors

women at Men's expense

marriage cohabitation and children are

big no-nos but short-term casual dating

is fine marriage and cohabitation both

give birth to eleme fees while children

give birth to child support fees

however some men will go full-fledged

monk mode which is staying away from

even that not even sex or dating women

maybe not even porn

beyond that is going ghost which is

withdrawing from society as a whole and

living off the grid contributing as

little to the system as possible

many years ago I instantly objected to

the mgto movement on the basis that it

sounded like a bunch of embittered men

who had gotten shafted by women but the

more I listened to men got burned by the

system and actually read about the

movement I realized that even though it

may attract some angry or bitter guys it

also speaks to the truths of many men

who are the victims of a social system

as tilted more and more in favor of

women I noticed in watching TV and

movies that the violence against men has

not let up much but there almost no

violence against women or children is


in fact men are far more likely to be

violent demonstrated than even stray

dogs men are far more likely to be

killed than women or children

a man who tries to save himself in a

disaster or crisis is looked down upon

but women or children who try to break

free in a disaster are approved

men who are physically assaulted by

women or children in public are laughed

ever mocked

women who are physically assaulted by

men are quickly rescued

I remember being in a situation where I

was with a woman who was violent to me I

remember calling the police she was

still visibly angry and loud when they

came I was calm and collected

guess who they asked to leave I had to

find a cheap hotel to spend the night I

was angry

I realized that if the situation was

switched around and I had been the angry

one the situation would have been even

worse for me as my eyes were opened I

began to hear more and more men pour out

the hearts over how raped and unfair the

system was

I saw for the first time that men were

not just whining and crying they had

some legitimate gripes it isn't that

something has changed to the nature of

women they are the same as they've

always been there is much that is good

about women but the Bad and the Ugly get

minimized with them in many cases

whereas with men most of their flaws are

magnified now some things men do are

also minimized I don't think for example

that a female version of trump could get

away with some of the things he has

I believe that if you were a woman he

would probably not be president so there

is some room for women to also complain

about double standards but they do exist

on both sides I would not ever deny that

anymore men suffered just like women do

but in different ways I remember when

some women tennis players were

complaining that they didn't get paid as

much as men the men didn't respond but

they had a right to

they for the most part play more tennis

in a given season against stiffer


now if there were a greater demand to

see women's tennis it would matter

women should get paid more

is there more of a demand to see women's

tennis I don't think so

I think it is at least equal yet men

play harder against better competition

but men who raise these objections are

called sexist that has to stop

the whole myth about men getting one

dollar for every 76 or 78 cents a woman

makes is also misleading and damaging

men do not make more than women All

Things Considered

women may take off from maternity leave

morning sickness or because they are

more likely to have custody of the kids

more sick leave but Men actually work

more physical hours outside the home

that women work more within the hum many

more myths create a false perception

that men have it better across the board

Mato whether you agree with it or not

attempts to draw attention to the rights

of men and focus on their rights to go

their own way and not get entangled in

messy complicated relationships if they

don't choose to

the fight isn't against women but

against the system

if you can't win a game don't play we

care less about what happens to society

their stupid laws ruin the family

structure that's all for today on



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