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Loss of love

Depression after the loss of love

By TamHanh ThuyLinhPublished 18 days ago 4 min read

Love is the most complex and fascinating human emotion. It can make people happy, but it can also make people deep pain; It can bring endless warmth, but also can cause endless loss. When love leaves, when the once good gradually dissipates, the sense of loss comes like a flood, drowning us in endless sadness and melancholy.

Once, we may have experienced such a unforgettable love. During that time, the other person is the center of our world, every look, every smile can make us enchanted. We walked in the streets and alleys together, sharing the bits and pieces of life together, those days are full of sweet and warm. However, somewhere along the line, everything began to change. Perhaps it is the cold War after a quarrel, perhaps it is fatigue under the pressure of life, perhaps it is the interference of external temptation, love began to crack. We try to fix it, to take it back, but in the end we watch it slip through our fingers.

When love is gone, a sense of loss follows. We can't stop thinking about the good old days, and the happy days we spent together have now become the sharp edges of our hearts. Over and over again, we ask ourselves, how did this happen? What did I not do well? Or was it a twist of fate? The pain and confusion mixed in our hearts, let us not let go. We begin to become withdrawn and lose interest in everything around us. The things that I once liked are now boring, because without that person's company, everything seems to lose meaning.

The loss of love can also come from kinship. When we are young, our parents are our reliance, and their love and care make us thrive. However, as time goes by and we grow up, the distance between us and our parents is getting farther and farther. They may no longer understand our thoughts and aspirations, and we may be too busy to care about them. When we realize this, the sense of loss comes over us. We will regret that we did not spend more time with them, that we did not cherish the time with them.

The loss of friendship is also hard to bear. Once good friends, together through many happy and sad days. We talked to each other and supported each other, thinking that the friendship would last forever. But I don't know why, but slowly between each other, there is a misunderstanding. Whether it is because of a different trajectory of life, or because of some casual words or actions, the boat of friendship will turn over. It's hard to describe the sense of loss and loneliness we feel when we lose someone who was once our closest friend. We will miss those days when we play together and laugh together, but we can only find the warmth in the memories.

The loss of love leaves us in pain and confusion, but it also makes us grow and be strong. It makes us more deeply appreciate the preciousness and fragility of love, let us know to cherish the people in front of us, cherish every feeling. In the process of loss, we learn to reflect on ourselves and to examine our actions and choices. We begin to understand that love is not something to be taken for granted, but something to be nurtured and cared for.

When we come out of the loss, we will find ourselves becoming more mature and rational. Instead of falling in love easily, we choose our partners more carefully. We cherish our relationships with family and friends more and try to repair those relationships that have been damaged. We will face life with a more positive attitude and find new love and hope.

However, the scars left by the loss of love may never completely disappear. It will sting our hearts again in a casual moment. But we can't let that stop us, we have to carry this loss forward. Because only by experiencing loss can we know more about how to love and how to cherish.

In the course of life, the loss of love is inevitable. It is part of our emotional journey and a catalyst for our growth. Let us face this loss bravely and make it a valuable experience and wealth in our life. Let us believe that one day in the future, we will be able to find their own true love, once again feel that unparalleled happiness.

In the darkness of loss, let us hold on to that glimmer of hope within us. Believe in love, believe in the future, believe that we will eventually come out of this haze, ushered in our own sunny day. Although the loss of love is painful, it also makes us more aware of the meaning and value of life. Let us take this loss to write our own wonderful life.


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TamHanh ThuyLinh

My name is Tam Han Chui Ling and I have a passion for words. I like to swim in the sea of books to gain knowledge and inspiration.

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