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By Alex JennettPublished 5 months ago 3 min read
Photo by Alicia Gauthier on Unsplash

She sleeps under the bedcovers. Protecting both Mama and Daddy. She is such a cute little thing. I take her outside, bathe and protect her as well. It is strange how such and adorable animal a dog can be. Which reminds me, I need to give Lola a bath today.

Lola reminds me of a genie in a bottle. Rub it and you get 3 wishes, or so they say.

If that were to happen, I would wish to have her in my life, three times over. I would'nt change that. I would adopt the change and bring it through. Towards another day that was better than the day before. And she would be in that day.

She was my future now. And a future that was going to be bright and true. And follow something that no one could calculate. The rain would bring forth something that was worth the effort. It coated everything with a brand new smell.

And saturated the best of us to our worst hour of fear. But dogs bring out the best of us, don't they. Of course they do. With a simple wag of the tail. That look they give you at the end of the day, when you have been gone and far. It says thank you for taking care of me, I will protect you until that last minute of my day. Hopefully you will return the favor.

If not, its is all good.

And if so, i will be greatly in your debt and friendship.

"Please pet me," her eyes told me. "And give me a bath, while your at it". I obliged. It was nice to keep her clean. Be a part of the pack. " You are welcome Lola," I told her. She just wagged and parted her way towards the door. This is what I had come home to, and I enjoyed it.

Thank you for being a part of my family, is what she wanted to say, I could tell. And the little flops of her ears were enough to melt my heart. I want you to stay and help raise me as your own. In this moment I will cross you over and let you bathe in my glory. And it was so.

This yarn I am telling you, is full of heart and affection. The affection between a pet and its' owner. No peril here, just love for everyone and everything. The pack and power of its' punch drunk love. And everything it represents. It's the power of love, that first got us here, and it will be with us until we represent something else.

It is sweet in comparison to everything that we have tortured ourselves with. Doctoring the fact that all of us have seperately come to antagonize. The sweet powder that has come to fruit.

Love is simple in its form. It enthrawls us and lets us know that we are alive. And our pets' do the same thing for us. They let us know when we are not paying them enough attention. They also let us know when intruders are present. And they give us their own presents as well. Excuse the pun I am trying to set forth.

It will provide an answer for the care that I give them. From the present day forward and onwards. Into the next time that I pet one of the furry friends of the nighttime and daytime. This is where we both part ways. My dear reader. I hope that you have enjoyed my little tale of the wagging bushes and tails.


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Alex Jennett

Just starting to publish my works. Enjoy listening to music and writing poetry. I am surprised that since I started writing, within 2 years, with Vocal I have created 78 stories. Music and the written word, help me ease my high anxiety.

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