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Laughter Creates Memories for a Lifetime

laughter is amazing medicine

By Jessica Ferreira Published 3 years ago 4 min read

Growing up I wasn't one to laugh much. My mom was the strict, OCD women who believed in true perfection. My dad the polar opposite was more of the go with flow kind of guy. Laughter wasn't really introduced till my later adult years. When I learned that just laughing things off, really helps you not freak out. There have been many embarrassing moments in my life where I have told my friends to scrape my pride off the floor with a spoon, if they can find it. Or I have told them to look down a stair case or hall way to see if my lungs fell out my butt on the way up. These are just some of the little funny things I say just to make people smile. Laughter creates memories, that you can always use at anytime. You start it like this, remember the time and some moments you cant even get the story out with out laughing through it. And by the time you laugh about that moment, you don't even have to finish the story because the laughter helped that moment pass. The funniest moment in my life there are two great ones that, some may think is funny but to me and my friends its a khloe memory. Yes embarrassment was at my expense on one situation and the other not so much me. But to witness that moment will stay in my mind forever. When people die we fail fail to remember the funny moments when we are so sad. I hope that when I die they will remember the day I ran for the bus and wiped out, or the fact that they cant look at chocolate pudding the same way again. Let me explain. Me and my girlfriend (needs) decided a mall trip to meet up with friends for much needed laughter was in store. What they didn't realize that the laughter would be at my expense. On the way out the mall (needs) and I were running for the bus. I had been a runner, a pretty quick one at that, and decided to hold on to the back of her power wheel chair. Well little did I know she could do 90 in a 60. As she speeding up, I no longer could keep up to speed and then learned what it was like to fly. I landed on the ground with arms spread out on my back and as needs swings around in shock, cause she no longer hears me, all felt was a tug. She whips over to me in fear and what see does not see was not what she expected. I am laughing hysterically at this point and I cant get up. Not because I'm hurt or anything but because I'm laughing so hard. I then use her wheelchair to get me up and tell her to find my pride and now we are WALKING to the bus stop. She then asked me "are you sure your head is ok"? I said yup those extensions were worth every penny, they saved my life" she said "right on" and we walked off laughing and giggling all the way home. This laughter stayed with us for years still friends and still making fun of my hair extensions. Even going as far to say if I put new ones in make them thick, because you never know when Khloe will drop it like its hot!" See friends are so great to have to remind you of those moments that weren't so smooth to just spark some laughter. Especially through tough times. Like for instance an episode when I went with (needs) to the hospital to be there for my dad who was in pretty bad shape. Being there all day we worked up an appetite and decided to go down to the cafe. I bought multiple items but there is one item that will stay in our minds forever. I was full, so I gave my chocolate pudding to (Needs) and our other sister was with us and she was talking a lot which is her norm. but as needs is taking a big scoop of her chocolate pudding and it is already in her mouth, our sister loudly says a word in Spanish which i can not share, due to being respectful of others, and the pudding comes flying out of (needs) mouth and nose. Picture this, I am sitting across from her in a white shirt, (needs) is laughing so hard pudding was everywhere on her hands, the wheelchair, the table, her shoes, and I am asking my sister for the wipes, but she couldn't get them.. I look over the table and Missy is on the floor laughing her butt off. Looks like I was getting the wipes. That wasn't the only funny part about it I felt bad for the poor doctors and nurses around us, eating there lunch, one person looks like they can't eat right and the other looks like she needs a psych ward and I'm the one trying to clean them both up. Its moments like these I live for you have to laugh through tough times. News flash just in life isn't going to be perfect or easy all the time. We cant control how others treat us and how mean the world is. But we can look at situations and control our reaction. Most times I don't stress, I just laugh things off and my friends don't think of me as rude, they know that when stressed I laugh, especially at work, as a peer worker. Laughter is the best medicine, It does help you chill and most of all everyone loves a laugh even if its at your expense. It also hold a treasure you can carry for a lifetime. THE END


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