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It was the merlot

by K. Waterss about a year ago in Dating
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"It wasn't me it was the merlot"

The day I met you you told me that you loved me. It wasn't in the words that you said it was the way that no matter what I had on that night, or didn't, that didn't matter to you. All you cared about was my eyes. I reclined the chair back and crossed my legs like a lady but the next puff I took out that cigarette could have been big enough for a grown man, but you didn't care about that. You just stayed seated in your upright position and kept staring at me. At first I didn't think much of it, I'm used to men staring at me but that weird vibe I usually get alongside the displaced stares I didn't get from you. But instead of thinking too much more into it I just layed farther back in my seat, of your car, right next to you. "Can you roll down your window please" he looked displaced like he's never seen a girl he didn't know be so comfortable in his car, which comes to find out later was actually a good thing. "You want some of this" I held up a bottle of Merlot with one hand and grabbing it by its neck like a dead animal I'd just killed. He looked displeased, "I'll pass" and just kept staring out the front window. I put the bottle down but now holding it in between my legs as I turned my body more to face him, only uncrossing my legs enough so the bottle would fit, and asked "what's your problem"

"what do you mean what's my problem what's yours"

"I don't have one"

"Okay, me either" I definitely believed his answer before he started asking me more questions "So how do you know Jimmy" He looked in the direction we just came from of the hotel he rescued me out of. I could tell he wasn't mad about that though because of the tone of his voice, he probably figured I just didn't know how to handle myself better or that the merlot got to my head. The truth was I knew exactly what happened, Jimmy was an asshole and not someone I wanted to share my wine with. He deserved to have me cause a scene at his video shoot I don't care how cool you think you are no one calls me out my name like that. I could tell he would probably agree with me from the simple fact he was down here with my faded self instead of up in the hotel having "fun" with everyone else. "I just know him from some mutual friends" this was true. I took another sip of the merlot and waited for it to slide to the bottom of my throat, part of me was wondering if he noticed that. "ohh" He was short, and I could tell he was tired, I started thinking of all the reasons he rescued me for and took one more sip of the wine before asking "Do you want to go back to my room" Keeping my legs crossed I tried putting on the soberest face I could manage. "I'm just going to drop you off " He put his hand on the clutch and without even looking at me started driving off. It was then that something sparked in me. I didn't know this man, and besides the fact that I was almost cross-eyed drunk, he still wanted to be a gentelman in every way possible that there was to be one that night. Instead of surpassing my actions and making excuses for me, he was holding me accountable to the fact that I was too much to the point he didn't even want to be with me. I just sat there while he drove thinking about the whole night and occasionally looking up at him to see how focused his eyes were on the road. I didn't want him to think of me as a total reckless mess and I knew this excuse was going to come off childish and worthless to him anyways but still all I could say was "It was the merlot".


About the author

K. Waterss

Poetry has been my life for as long as I can remember. It's the only other thing besides my daughter that makes sense to me most days.

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