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Is Faking it Till You Make it True?

by Terri Allen 12 months ago in Humanity
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Can you fake happiness until it becomes real?

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I always like to believe that I am the bigger person in every situation in my life. I also have a terrible habit of never admitting I’m wrong (because I never am). This can sometimes cause a conflict in my male-female relationships but hey ho. Who needs a man?

Recently I had my heart royally and truly broken by a boy that I thought was something special, we have all heard this one before. I thought he was something he wasn’t even though deep down I had my reservations about trusting him because my trust issues are terrible. He eventually showed his true colours and that was that over.

I was angry for a few days and I must admit that I am still pissed but being the bigger and better person I messaged him one final time wishing him the best. It is always good to leave a great last impression, no one ever talks about last impressions but I think they are sometimes better.

Eventually the feelings I have will fizzle out but until I am healed I will not let it affect my day to day life. I will go out of my way to be overly kind to people because if the person that hurt you realizes that you can and are doing better without them, it's a solid punch in the heart.

I take all of my breakups in my stride and immediately start window shopping elsewhere. Sometimes it helps and others it doesn’t.

He is the one person in my life that I truly want the best for because he has had a terrible time with it and I'd like to hope he doesn’t spiral back into old habits. Boy, I do miss his family's dog though..

My old coping mechanisms were the classic “to get over someone you need to get under someone else” and as long as you're being safe then babes you do you, I support it.

I don’t need a man, I need money.

Money can buy happiness. My happiness comes from making sure my bills are paid, my rabbits are fed, I can give my friends and family the best time. Not to mention that I want to make memories for myself to tell people in the future.

I’m a really shy person in real life but you’d never tell from these articles or my twitter posts. See… classic example of fake it till you make it. If a person talks to me in person outside of work then I’ll be really nervous and awkward for the first couple of conversations but if the same person were to text me the same comment then I’d never shut up. You should hear my customer service job, she’s not me she’s a different person entirely.

Also on the other side of my weirdness is that if I can tell someone is shy then I will go out of my way to try and make them feel comfortable. My friend Danielle who I met at work was the quietest girl I’d ever met but when I started oversharing with her she soon became the most talkative person I know. My best friend in the whole wide world was also incredibly shy when I met her. The first time we hung out outside of school I basically dragged her out to a party and the rest is history. Now she's confident, outspoken and the best person I know. I will take all the credit (Hayley you better not be reading this).

I can’t phone deliveries to my house and I hate having phone conversations with people over the phone too but if my friend is too nervous to ask for something at a bar or restaurant then I will happily march my merry little way to the nearest worker and ask for what they want. Although, I’d much rather everyone do that for me.

You can fake everything till it becomes real and I am a prime example of this. If you aren’t happy then pretend you are while taking steps to improve your happiness and eventually the changes will take hold. If you aren’t confident then pretend you are confident and eventually it will radiate around you and you will slowly become more confident.

You are the key to your own happiness, own it.


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