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by Khalil Huff 5 months ago in Humanity

My life as a black man

I am a man wanting to live, I am person with children looking for me to give them life, I am one of billions that are trying to survive and live even in these times of uncertainty, All I strive for is to achieve a much better life, But I have to live with the fear that I may die one night while I drive, I can't stand to see the tears in my mother's eyes, While my children ask why must they see our skin to be denied, But I refuse to become another statistic and know this I am truly being realistic, Because it is way past time that we have all these witnesses to a dark way of law enforcement living. Peace and blessings to all those who have passed at the hands of those who are to protect us.

By, Khalil R. Huff


Khalil Huff

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Khalil Huff
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