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I am a fantasist

by Matthew  Valdez 2 months ago in Humanity
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Q: What is a fantasist?

I am a fantasist
Photo by Nagarjun Kogaravalli Sathyanarayana on Unsplash

Q: What is a fantasist?

A: A fantasist is someone who grabs a kite string with a long, long dream tied to it and imagines unrealistically in a black hole of dreams with only a hint of light.

I am sixteen years old and will now be attending a school with no aesthetic appeal. I am overbearing, bad-tempered, have a face that most people have, and I am ordinary, but not ordinary: I am a veritable fantasist.

I would hold a doll every day and look at the long sky, the sky is always as blue as the ink that was poured.

I always fantasized about the unlikely future of my life: the year of the college entrance examination, to everyone's surprise - I became the only one of the "broken" school students, all the envious eyes at that moment to starve every inch of my body; that year I got into my dream university, and during my four years there, I never failed a course and got good grades; soon, four years of university life were spent in a relaxed, happy atmosphere. After that, I worked in my desired unit and lived a quiet and fulfilling life.

In that fantasy time and space, I was nearly perfect, but only there I would have that success, only there the trajectory of life would follow my expectations changed, and only there the dream would become especially close, it seemed to reach out and touch the muscle of the dream, and then it would slowly come closer and closer, closer and closer, closer and closer... ...and finally, it will be perfectly united with you.

I have to admit: I'm good at fantasy.

But I also have a fatal weakness, this weakness is enough to defeat me, enough to make me lose the already little confidence, it is very "vicious", but I accept its "viciousness". It slowly wears down my self-confidence, it makes all the dreams exist only in fantasy.

But I could not do anything about it.

So, I willingly let myself sink.

But reality doesn't seem to let me sink.

So, I always ask myself: Do I want to continue? Do you want to continue? Will it be fruitful to continue?

The answer is always: you can't go on, you won't get results. There was a moment when I wanted to give up, but in the end, I was defeated.

Let's continue to be a fantasist! A fantasist with a head full of dreams!

Time is precious.

How many decades, how many years, how many hours, how many seconds are there in this journey of life ......

Do you know how much your parents have paid for you?

I don't know, I don't know that your parents have a full head of gray hair for you, the old face has been covered with years of years.

Time is passing silently, every second is flying away, you remembered all kinds of past events, the first time you went to kindergarten, your mother was not around and kept crying, remembered that you were lazy! When the homework was not done, you were still playing games and chatting QQ.

'I'll write it tomorrow, it's okay.' So you didn't do your homework that whole day. The result: you arrive at tomorrow's class a few minutes before you say nothing, pick up someone else's homework and start copying. You copy and regret why you didn't finish your homework before playing yesterday. But, if you knew that, why did you do it in the first place? Now, please turn off your computer and take out your textbook to do your homework.

Time is silent, no one in the world does not walk through the wind and rain, large and small difficult things. But on the way to fight the difficulties and race against time. With the shortest time to do a thing well, so not and save time and happy and excited, how good! And to do it better and faster in the difficult must think carefully to complete it in the shortest time.

I don't know which famous person said, "Time is like water in a sponge, as long as you squeeze hard, there is always something." That's right! There is time if you are willing to squeeze it out, but not everyone can do so. Some people are playful and have nothing to do when they are done, and they do not cherish time at all. But those who cherish time can squeeze out time even if they have a lot of things to do.

You see, or not, time is standing there, not coming or going; you cherish, or not, time is still passing forward, not slow; you wait, or not, time will not stop because of you, not increase or decrease; as long as you are willing to gentle to time, then, all the time will be a kind of flawless beauty! Cherish time!

Cherish a minute and a second, so that in the future you remember the present, and no longer feel regret.


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Be the most real me, write the most real thing.

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