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How Our Eyes Connected

The Souls Journey Into One

By AdonShar For RealPublished about a year ago 3 min read
How Our Eyes Connected
Photo by Ezgi Deliklitas on Unsplash

The Soulmates

Without a doubt I knew right away it was you. The way you smiled and how you broke my silence. The energy exchange between us was a thrust, I couldn't brush it off.

No matter how hard I tried, the stare you gave me was uncontrollably noticeable. I couln't walk away, the conversation had me speechless. The two of us crossing paths looking for a healing journey that nothing can compare to.

The way I value you opinions and the way you changed me have me doing the most. The decisions we make I know it was never a mistake. The divine runs all the way through my spine. The two of us walking side by side and seeing our future lasting forever.

The little things matter I'm glad that our hearts will not shatter. As I reflect on the present I see that it was mean't to be. The creativity within was brought out from the flares you sparked in me.

The passion we have for one another is so lively. Every one can see that this is a love that was never meant to end. Without a sin we will always mend with truths.

The impact of this connection can not be broken. The warmth in your heart I lite up with a spark. I feel the pounding with all the beats, as we lay under the sheets. We almost passed by each other not realizing that true love exist. This was something that I could not miss, I'm happy you placed me on your list.

The Impact

This was strange from afar, it did feel bizzare or leave a scar. Looking at the impact we have on one another I see that we are stars with nothing but memoirs.

This was nature playing its part from the start. Having someone simple and genuine with beauty all around. Without a word we know what is meant, the body language that was sent. The passing of two souls connecting from within, the potion that leaves your body full like you dip in the blue ocean.

The impact that never lacked but attracted. In the heat of it all it was flares that glared. The wonders that pondered deep down under. It was you all along, that caught my eyes in disguise.

I'm wiser in all aspects from the bliss of you. The knowledge you give allows me to provide as I confide in our endless beginnings. Chosen with out a doubt I'm your biggest scout and will be by your side throughtout.

This bound has no limit that's why I give us every minute. The plots were twisted even though we existed. I drifted off the earth and feel right back towards you for a bigger view and something new.

The Change

The movement was so strange I didn't get shortchanged from this exchange. As this flows the energy around use continues to glow and it shows.

Your that rose that glows and blows all over. Here's my shoulder I'm older and I don't want you colder. Let's rearrange this estranged connection with all our affection. I know you won't have any objections with your new collection.

I see the projections and its my confession that we will have an obession over this connection. I'm your selection and yor my reflection that's why we are both in this profession.

Healing theses feelings is appealing to me. I'm seeing the new me I promise not to flee. The impact was packed in the a hallow crack, now I'm on track from the slack.

The world is different I'm no longer ignorant or belligerent to the unknown. I don't have to spend my time alone were both grown it's shown.

The Souls Are One

The souls have goals and were here to see it through who knew. I won and glad its done let have some more fun under the sun. The souls are one it can't be undone. The finding of us is a moment forever that's clever with our endeavor.


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AdonShar For Real

I focus on creating inspirational poems, educational, and spiritual healing blogs from personal experiences. My topics help motivate people to heal from toxic relationships, mental health, and addictive behaviors.

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