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How I seduced my “straight” coworker into trying out being a lesbian

By Savannah Romano In The White Rabbit

By Lollipop - Sexy StoriesPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Hey, y’all! I have another naughty story to share. This one might be one of the spiciest things I've done so far... It all began when I worked on a cheap diner with this girl, let's call her “Samantha.” We were often on the same shift, and we got along well enough. Also, gotta say, Samantha was my type; she had that cutesy innocent look about her, with blonde hair and freckles, and she blushed so easily! I called her my “work-wife” sometimes to my friends who knew I was bi. Samantha had no clue, of course.

The whole thing began when I called Samantha my work-wife to her face one day, and she got all flushed and dismissed it like “yeah if we were not both girls.” So, I leaned close, and doing a playful flirty voice I said, “That never stopped me before.” Now, I wasn’t actually trying to flirt with her for real, just yanking her chain. But she grew into a whole other shade of red and acted so shocked, asking me if I really meant it. As I said, I wasn’t hiding that I was bi, so I told her that yes, I did date girls on occasion. That seemed to shock her at first. She had grown in the deep south, in a small town, so Samantha probably never met an openly bi person. After the shock came curiosity, and through the rest of the night, she’d ask me questions: How can you date both? Do you think everyone’s attractive? Don’t you have to choose one or the other if you get married? You know, entry-level “what is bi” stuff. I thought there might be something behind that curiosity. And decided to find out.

After work, I invited her to go grab a beer before we went home, and she asked me, as a joke, if it was a date. I said she needed to come to find out. She was clearly unsure but probably didn’t want to offend me by passing on it, not wanting to come out as a bigot. As we sat down outside of the diner, her questions grew a bit bolder, and she asked me how I found out, with how many women I had slept with and things of that sort. Having some alcohol in her really lowered her shame in prying, and I was happy feeding her some of the juiciest bits. And I did so while using my best sultry voice and emphasizing the sexy parts. We only had one hour at the bar before it closed, so I invited her to keep the night going at my place. She agreed. We got home, sat down, and opened a few beers to pick up the conversation. Now was my turn to ask her some questions, like if she was ever curious about doing it herself. She denied it, but I wasn’t buying it, so I pressed. Had she never seen some woman on TV or a magazine and wondered what would it be like to kiss her, touch her?

Samantha looked like a little bunny as she admitted that she might have had a little crush on her best friend in high school, though back then she didn’t think about it as a crush. She was really jealous when her friend got a boyfriend, though. I decided to make my move, putting a hand over Sam’s thigh and telling her it was her friend’s loss because I thought she was just the cutest. She didn’t say anything, but she didn’t move away, and she smiled. I told her if she ever wanted to find out how she really felt, I’d love to help. Then I went for a kiss. She kissed me back. In a matter of moments, we were making out on my living room couch. And after a moment as she began to pull up my shirt, I convinced her to move into my bedroom. I was happy to show her some of the perks of dating someone of your own gender by eating her out like only a girl knows how.

I never hooked up again with Samantha; we remained good friends. And I like to think that I helped her figure herself out and expand her horizons a bit.

About The White Rabbit: A couple hesitatingly goes with their new ‘cool’ friends to a club, only to find out it’s a fetish club. Seduced by the exhilarating atmosphere, they eventually decide to explore new avenues of their sexuality.


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