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Am I the asshole for flirting to get better tips?

By Savannah Romano In The White Rabbit

By Lollipop - Sexy StoriesPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Hey guys! Today I want to ask y’all a question about flirting. Innocent flirting, mostly! There was a time I used to work at a crappy diner, and I often depended on tips for a living. I wasn't masking much. I think a lot of people in the service industry can relate to that. And I was always a big flirt. I always thought of flirting as just another way to interact with people, just like telling jokes and sharing stories. It’s not for everyone but it’s not a promise of anything, nor is it a declaration of intent. And I think when you take a step back, a lot of us do this social flirting with no second intentions. You know how it goes when you see a girl all dressed up, and you tell her boyfriend to better watch out or you might steal her. That sort of thing. We don’t really mean it that way, people know we don’t, but it’s a flirt still.

So, the first few months I was working in the diner, I was nervous and wanted to be professional and I was really reserved in my interactions with customers. I did smile but that was about it. And my tips were very thin. As I grew more comfortable, I began to get tipped better, and it took me a while to connect the dots that I got better tipped by customers when I did this casual flirting with. But once I did connect the dots, I began to lean into it. It didn’t take me long to figure out how to fine-tune my approach to each type of customer: older men, especially married men with wives, enjoyed a more subtle approach, with glancing smiles and casual compliments, where they didn’t have to say anything back. Groups of younger guys would rather have me be a bit open and crass, but if I was too on the nose about it, then they would start pressing me for my number and trying to get a date so, the best approach there was to leave them guessing which one of them I was flirting with by not engaging with anyone in particular. And then there were the special cases where you see someone is lonely and tossing a few compliments their way and striking a bit of conversation if the night was slow was the best way to get them smiling.

My coworkers noticed what I was doing, and some of them were rather judgy about it. They told me that I was being deceitful and leading them on. But most of these customers were people traveling and we would never see them again. And with the regulars, there was an unspoken agreement that it meant nothing. So I’m convinced this is quite a harmless thing to do. I’d even say it’s a fair trade. People like to be flirted with, it brightens their day and helps their self-esteem, and that’s what they are telling me when they leave me bigger tips. That they appreciate that personal touch, that little extra attention. Flirting is not my only way to increase my tips, but it’s by far my most surefire way. Each customer is different though, and in my opinion, if I give them some extra attention, they get happy and give me some extra cash. That’s a win-win, right? Am I the asshole for flirting with them for better tips?

About The White Rabbit: A couple hesitatingly goes with their new ‘cool’ friends to a club, only to find out it’s a fetish club. Seduced by the exhilarating atmosphere, they eventually decide to explore new avenues of their sexuality.


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