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Or Did I just see a "Kerby"

By Juniper JonesPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Photo by Michael Mouritz on Unsplash

One of the most mysterious and beautiful things I happened to see was the flight of a “bird” at night who floated past while I was sitting in my car and smoking one of those funky cigarettes.

Now you might say it was the cigarette that made that night so special, but I would beg to differ.

Sitting in my car I looked to the left to see a “being” float by which had the uncanny resemblance to a character from a game I once played. So, I will call this being “Kerby”. This was not a superimposed image on my retina or a figment of my overactive imagination. Watching it float by I waited and watched as the glowing white ball with little wings floated on to pass under the lights of the park. Was it a goose? Did the underbelly of the bird glow with ephemeral light at night like a ghost? Perhaps.

In many cultures there are those that believe in the unseen. These beings that rarely appear and only to a few. Those few usually remain quite about what it is they have seen for to have mentioned it would bring their state of mind into question.

“Kerby” waved its little fins through the air and continued through the park. I do not believe in photographing things like this because it takes away from the dream. Not to say that what I am speaking of is a bit of undigested beef. If you don’t recall, it was Scrooge who had said that when the ghost of his partner came to visit.

The beautiful ball of light didn’t have eyes to speak of. Or, feet for that matter, and when it passed under the lights I fully expected to see the shape of a bird outlined by it.

Naturally, you might be saying to yourself “Juniper. What are you smoking?” And, that would be fair, yet I can tell you I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world.

I want to believe in a world of magic and mystery especially at this time of year. The yuletide is upon us, and I can’t help but smile at the little things that others seem to forget.

I ask you the reader: Do you believe in the unseen? The magical and otherwise unexplained? Has anything happened to you where there was no explanation? Did your family and friends believe you or did you keep the experience a secret thinking that it wasn’t something to be shared in case there would be repercussions?

So many of us I think have had these experiences and yet are afraid to say anything. Why?

So, during this time where the longest night might make you want to get together with friends and commiserate over old stories of ghosts from the past remember to tell the tales that have been heard by few ears and will carry over into the new year!

That little “Kerby” or “Ghost light” I saw I will never forget. And, just to make it clear it wasn’t the funky cigarette or the eggnog going to my head that made me want to share this story.

May the season be fruitful to you and yours this holiday season and when I think of all of you that will be curled next to the fire I hope the stories will be heartfelt. Be that around a campfire or a “Charlie Brown Christmas Tree” I hope that you will think on this story and remember that not everything is what it seems especially when seen under the lonely lamplight in the half-light misty evening.


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A woman with an inked and indented index finger bent over a keyboard wondering: "Am I really going to do this?"

Writing hopefully will be able to support my renovations.

And to my friends and cohorts: Forgive me. I know naught what I write.

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