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Freedom is Wealth

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By ChantelPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Freedom is Wealth
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I lost my job a month ago. A month ago I was obsessed over money.

I was working 7 days a week, hustling to no end, not enjoying my time besides the occasional get together with my best friend. I spent no time with family even though I lived with them at home.

I believed that we needed to hustle to get to where we want to be in life and that takes sacrificing in the present. I want to be a millionaire and feel a sense of security I never had before.

I wanted to be rich to help my family when they need it. I will eventually get to a point where I do not need to worry about money and can choose how I spend my day and time.

My grandmother called us crying the other day because she had worked her whole life and did not have a good retirement set up for her. She is scared for my sister and I to grow old like her and for us to not be able to enjoy our elderly life.

But my sister and I have a different approach then them. We want to live our young life, not just enjoy when we are retired. We want to be able to explore and see various cities in the present when we are young and healthy. And I understand that they are concerned for us, but we will be okay. We will find a way to make money to sustain our life while balancing that out with truly enjoying our time here on this earth through travel and new experiences.

I hadn't thought about my spiritual and faith life.

All I cared about was making cash. Not about my well-being. All I wanted was to save money and hit 100k in stocks. I hadn't been dating. My free-time was spent going to the gym and although that was therapeutic and I had succeeded in losing 10 pounds, I was missing my spiritual growth.

This weekend I spent time with young catholics. For the first time in such a long time. I forgot what it was like to be in an environment of people who choose to go against pop-culture and live a life tied to their virtues. And they make the conscious choice each day to do that. Their faith ties in to how they interact with others and the approach that they take to dating.

You really are influenced by the people around you.

They were intentional about their time and they were wholesome and cared more for the person than for what our culture emphasizes like sex. They were having conversations about marriage and relationship and were ready and serious about dating for that purpose.

They asked the intentional questions like what we look for in a future spouse, 3 words we would use to describe ourselves, ect. Wholesome questions that make you feel closer to one another. Their questions prompted me to care more about them and to see that they are human and kind-hearted people.

I feel rich when I live my life intentionally. When I am connecting to others on a deeper, emotional level rather than through sex or casual conversations. I want friends who will motivate me to be a better person and I only want to date someone who brings out the best in me and vice- versa for them. I want to be intentional with how I spend my time and choose lovers who I genuinely enjoy being around.

I want to date and be friends with people intentionally! I want to live my life loving each day, even if it is something as small as the sun coming out or having the free-time to go to the gym, or a intentional conversation with my sister. I want to be rich in my freedom to love.


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