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Destiny Chaser: Note to Future Collaborators & Endeavors

Chinese Zodiac: Snake

By Denelsia WalkerPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 7 min read
Snake Moves

Meta, Metaverse Facebook, and Only Fans Users,

I usually don't mention too many items on my Metaverse Facebook (FB) page until a project is almost or has been completed. FB Metaverse throws shade. Just like haters throw shade at normal outside activities and progressive change. Folks would rather see you at a regular job than start your own businesses.

This Black Medusa moves about similair to the Chinese Zodiac sign of the snake. Many lessons I have learned on my transformation journey. Silence in certain aspects instead of boasting can in some instances be your best friend. I suggest picking your battles wisely.

I have been blocked from FB marketing in their marketplace for almost two years. I am for change and leaving a legacy. If other people want to stay "sleep and scared" regarding their destiny, that is not my problem.

I am willing to send directions to those that crave change to the appropriate people in my party, but honestly, I do enough to worry about myself. Faced on the third dimension for my future are ELE (Extinction Level Events) every day.

I wrote letters to several organizations two years ago during my first book interview with JL King. FB completely removed my profile for a week as if I had never existed.

When I called the FB headquarters, I learned they do not have any customer service representatives to speak with or a voicemail. The hoops I had to jump through then and now are ridiculous.

For all the organizations with customer service agents, that is something to ponder. FB's net worth right now is $455.42 billion. Quote from small biz trends, "Facebook is the largest social media site and has seen steady growth over the years. It is the most popular social media platform with an active user base and wide reach for businesses. Facebook Messenger, which is Facebook’s messaging app, is incredibly popular and offers the best advertising opportunities."

Since FB is paying attention, the messenger could use some redesigning. Take some notes from messaging off the OnlyFans (OF) platform. I answered about 200 messages in my inbox the other day on FB.

No other platform is included. They all want the same thing in the messages. I have 300 messages end of the day every day on my OF page.

On OF, I can send a single message to 300 people + simultaneously. On FB, It would be a magnificent time saver and save me space on my phone. An automatic messenger response system application would not have to be downloaded from the Google Play store if that same system used on OF is used on FB.

OF built-in answering system for new guests, members, or clientele is also flame. I design a message in-house. It is automatically sent upon subscribing with my hand-picked video choices. I do not have to be offended by bots or "the watchers" regulating/managing a few people at a time. As if "my time" does not have value.

Sites to focus on for social marketing.


1. Instagram

2. YouTube

3. Facebook

4. Twitter

5. TikTok

6. Pinterest

7. Snapchat

8. LinkedIn

I contacted NAACP, Black Lives Matter, LGBT, Raphael Sanchez, Wish TV, and other organizations. I want to prevent that from occurring again at all costs. Putting duck tapes over mouths trying to feed is the same as domestic violence, social injustice, and hate crimes against the LGBTQIA community.

My publisher at the time, which is "a national bestselling author, philanthropist, publisher, and producer," spoke with one of his friends that works at Facebook. He stated most businesses that this happens to are lost fish in the sea.

Although I am not on FB much now as I have been in the past, I have worked very for the contacts, subscribers, and fans I have. I do enough to market material and keep in touch to utilize projects. Suppose folks want naughty content beyond what I post on my social sites. They are welcome to join my OnlyFans. Call me Bruce Lee from D-i-e Hard on that one. 💯

I have OF, and an OF that costs depending on desires. The average monthly payment on OF is $220, with 30 paid subscribers. I maintain approximately 9 to 10 paid OF subscribers per month at $5.99 each.

I am grateful for every last OF clientele that I have. They are a blessing. I appreciate the shared experience and the mental outlet provided. At the same time, OF is a "part" of my assignment. It is not the entire picture as a whole. Thank God because no one can pay the house note off that!

The people on OF mainly make their money from contests and promotions. They spend a lot of time in their inboxes. Did you look outside your window today?

Doesn't the sunshine and the air look delectable outside that window? If you step outside, how does the sunshine's warmth feel? Isn't it sublime?

Breathe deeply, lungs craving to be quenched with yoga, a brisk walk, or a job? If near the ocean, are you diving to play in it on your phone? Is what you are doing your destiny plan?

Are you traveling in the states or overseas? Do you want to be sharing every detail while promoting on your phone? Or do you want to be enjoying your day on the beach writing/reading your favorite novel, having sex on the beach, and doing a photoshoot in skimpy wear prior?

Do you want to be on planet Earth or are you ready to visit the Sun, Moon, Stars, Planets, Milky Way, Black Holes, and other places in the Galaxy not yet conjured up? Survival mode? Are we today reaching for that outer space coin Vortex obtained by energy expedited and expended into the Universe? Maybe you don't want to leave your home at all, but you got Mr. Bill to pay.

Therefore, what I do is genuinely out of love for my Fans. Lingerie, toys, outings, graphic designs, promotions, and anything chose to use for the platform cost. It is not free. It's not for the paycheck that I receive either.

It comes out of my pocket. I perceive what I do as a long-term investment in myself. What OF does is assist in regards to my other projects that do bring in new clientele, change, and coins in different ways.

Pictures I post I also make miscellaneous coins off my Delcia Secrets Arts Etsy page displaying lousy girl persona. Plus it reaches another market internationally. My favorite is it also helps with "other" people's mental perspectives that they have of me regarding "their" consciousness level box.

Etsy lets me know what does sell. Trust is built left with reviews. Purple crown chakra reaching or obtaining our own Christ consciousness is the goal.

I enjoy basking, displaying, and building delights birthed from my Goddess energy. I have my favorite adult entertainment stars. I don't mind starring the role in the next Vanessa Del Rio yet to manifest itself.

Like Roberta Flack Sang, "I Told Jesus!" Whatever it was, I called up his main line to have that "Paradise and Lunch," that the Ry Cooder album, spoke about. I told him what I wanted, and together we ran up that hill as Kate Bush suggested while I sang hymnals from the altar.

However, my first love has always been writing and performing poetry. Erotic singing, dancing, acting, and modeling are in my DNA. The delightful aftermath from fantasy desired destined coins that follow in "real street time" causes this tsunami. Not the other way around.

I am very thankful for this opportunity. But kindly, no more prior tags or mention of projects on FB before posting the completed "serious" task. They find it threatening for folks like me, who are not on the ladder yet, to pursue climbing up it.

They asked for my ID three times last week and two times this week and are attempting to remove JL King's information, stating irrelevance on my spoken musical metaphors Fan page for my materials.

I took a screenshot and sent the assets an appeal. He is the entire reason started a fan page. Them nutcases.

I am already working on my marketing tactics for your podcast. That includes hashtags, groups to market the podcast across relevant social sites, and much more if I do not know how to do anything else. I know how to deal creatively in the market.

Let's toss this fish line and hook it into the ocean. Lure these fish with worms and crickets. I look forward to the day I can capture whales, sharks, and piranhas and can put them to rest as well.

I ALWAYS see the bigger picture. Let's cast a net, spell, SLAY, sell, and filet like Peter in John 21:3-19 NIV! 😉 Maybe we can start with two fish and five loaves of bread to feed the congregation. Women and children were not mentioned in that count, but we are here! (Matthew 14: 13-21 NIV)

Happy International Women's Day!

Companies owned by Meta,


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Poet, Author, Musician, & Adult Enter Model. My Brand is HOEZBWINNING via Amazon Merch on Demand. Plus am an Amazon Influencer. Founder of Delcia Secrets Contoured LLC custom-made lingerie. Creator of International Poetry Whore FB Group.

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