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Creepy Stories From Different Cultures


By Trung PhúPublished about a month ago 4 min read
Creepy Stories From Different Cultures

Belgium: Serreputmonster (greenhouse pit monsters) - A monster that lives under the cover of greenhouse pits and pulls children into it, then drowns and swallows them

2. From Paraguay: Jasy Jatere is a blonde, beautiful dwarf who wanders naked in the forest. He has a golden staff that gives him magical powers. He kidnaps children who don't sleep in the afternoon (around 2pm to 4pm here) and IF he sends them back they are often deaf or dumb.

3. Näcken is a man who sits in a body of water (usually rivers) and plays his violin to attract children to the water.

4. Toe cutters (tenensnijders) cut children's toes when they walk barefoot in the fields.

5. A black dog that jumps on your back, you must take it to the cemetery where it jumps off.

6. D'ogen (eyes) - a phenomenon where you are suddenly enveloped in smoke, you see a set of eyes and burning people, which can be associated with the monastery if you look at the description of the burning people in Sonia's forest.

\ n7. I grew up on a farm in Romania, and my grandmother and her sister were very religious, but they also believed in folk tales.

That folk tale said that every year on a certain summer night (forgot the date, sorry). ), the "Sinziene" day, those mythical forest nymphs came out and played instruments together around the city. You were never allowed to go out when you heard music playing because that was their way of getting people out.

My grandmother's sister told me this story about a person from her village who was working late that day and didn't want to go. home While working, he heard folk music and the voices got closer and closer, so he hid in a haystack. Then he heard a string snap and a woman's voice say, "Oh no, my guitar string broke." Then another voice said, "Don't worry, maybe this guy here can help," and apparently they took a muscle from his leg and used it as a rope substitute, and the guy didn't walk on it. leg of never again.

That story scared me when I was little, and I never knew if it was completely made up or if it was a story passed down through the generations, but it was very scary.

8. The Irish banshee is a creature that screams and cries. You usually hear/see him when someone in your family dies.

9. Maran is a female born on Friday, December 25, she sneaks into your room at night and kills you, but she has some kind of OCD and you can scare her by leaving a bunch of cow hair on your windowsill. I have to count them all, which will hopefully give you enough time to wake up.

10. Luisón resembles a werewolf. On Tuesday and Friday nights, he turns into a scary dog. The souls he carries with him never go to the afterlife and that is why he is so feared. Some believe that the seventh child of every family is Luison.

11. People in my town talked about Hirvenai. The origin story is different, but I was told that the woman was killed and buried on top of a deer. He chased people at night and was known to harass motorcyclists, even jumping on their backs and riding hysterically laughing. There is an old bridge outside of town that was known to be particularly haunted around it.

12. Souls of children of Douens who died before baptism. They are destined to wander the earth forever. They are seen playing in the forest and near rivers and have no face and their legs are upside down. They can approach children and lead them astray in the forest until they get lost, or come close to people's houses at night, crying and crying. Prevent Douen from calling your children to the forest at dusk. Never call their names in public because Douen will take their names, call them and lure them away.

13. Duppies - Duppies are ghosts that roam the land at night. It is said that to keep Duppies away from your house, you have to sprinkle either salt or grains of rice around the house, because Duppy has to count every single grain before entering. Then the sun rose and they must return to the spiritual world.

14. Mama De L'eau - half woman, half snake with long flowing hair which she combs constantly. Her upper body is a naked woman, the lower part, a large anaconda tail, hidden under water. Hunters tell stories of meeting him in our deep forests. Men who commit crimes against the forest, such as burning trees or killing animals or polluting rivers, must observe him throughout their lives, this life and the next. If you want to escape from him, take off your left shoe, turn it over, leave it behind and walk backwards until you get home.

15. Papa Bois - Mama De L'eau's lover. He lives in the forest and is the father of the animals that live there. He is often seen by hunters and other people living near the forest. He takes animals out of traps and treats sick animals. He is an old man who is very hairy, like an animal, and is usually dressed only in rag pants with a bamboo horn hanging from his belt. He can transform himself into a large deer (mostly) or some other animal so that he can follow the hunters unnoticed. He is usually very polite, but can be dangerous when crossed. He.


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  • Christy Munsonabout a month ago

    I've not heard of most of these fairy tales. Interested to check out more now. Thanks for posting.

  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarranabout a month ago

    Oh wow, this was soooo fascinating and cool! I've never heard of any of these! I enjoyed reading this so much! I've also subscribed to you!

  • Some horrifying ideas and creatures here , thank you for sharing

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